Questlove and Capt. Kirk of The Roots (as Black-Simon & Garfunkel) perform Rihanna's "Diamonds" Live on Jimmy Fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel (AKA Questlove and Cap’n Kirk of The Roots) are back in peak form after what seems like an eternity (literally forever) away from the spotlight. After spotting the duo at a rare NY club appearance at Cynthia’s (not to be confused with Sylvia’s) uptown cocktail lounge, Jimmy Fallon recruited them to make their late-night television debut on his show, thereby fulfilling the fondest wish of one particular audience member. To make her dreams come true, Black Simon & Garfunkel performed a stirring acoustic rendition of Rihanna‘s “Diamonds,” complete with diamond-in-the-sky sound effects from Black Art Garfunkel that will take your breath away. Literally–they will remove your ability to breathe. Fill your lungs before you watch below:


  • x.bush

    the video is not streamed in Italy

    • Or Spain!! 🙁

    • sea.

      or anywhere that isn’t the united states. 🙁

    • Bops

      not Malaysia either and we have an American-looking flag!

  • blessedvices

    hahahaha. omg kirk. your killin me with the creepy paul simon stare into space. recurring segment!!! please!!!!

  • odijo

    can’t be viewed in Kenya

  • Hahaha this is awesome. Love ya, Black Thought !!!