Detroit, stand up! Now Detroit, get down. Then Detroit, do the hokey-pokey and shake it all around. The Black MilkDanny Brown project we hipped you to recently is now available for full stream via Black Milk’s dot-biz site and it is pretty much everything you could hope for in an underground rap superhero team-up: knocking drums, haunting sounds, x-rated ghetto tales and beat-interludes with titles like “Dark Sunshine.” Simon Says: jump in.

Black Milk and Danny Brown – Black and Brown EP by BLACK MILK


  • danny brown is sonic migraine & black milk has soured. heard the black & brown concept was a stolen idea as well.


      I suggest you GET YOUR EARS CHECKED.
      Ps. Heard that MORPHEOUS is a stolen nickname.

    • BLP

      Aye faggot who the fuck are you to say anything? I hope the next person you see slaps you. For real.

  • 0utsyder

    Solid album, Black and Brown is still joint of the year!!!! DETROIT STAND UP!!!!

  • FOH

    Stolen Idea? Aren’t those their names?

  • these two artists cant do wrong in my book…im def gonna buy this one…HIPHOP!!

  • sstretch

    The album is not bad, its cool, mad skits and shorts though. That last track was the best one.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundclound.com/sstretch68323