Black Milk in the studio

Black Milk drops beat reel from hell (well, Detroit) on an unsuspecting universe, running through 8 (by my count) tuff beats in just under 7 minutes on this newly uploaded soundcloud titled “Demo Beats 2012.” Microwave some popcorn, roll a somethin’ and settle into that worn spot on the couch for a thoroughly enjoyable, if brief, session of snap-your-neck. Especially buttery, of course, is the flip of the synth classic Hot Butter (on what, say what, the…) “Popcorn” a subliminal nod to J Dilla‘s ‘Kraftwerk’ period as well as the groovy 1970s. A fly little bird told me there may be a Delfonics flip in here somewhere as well. Stream below and stay tuned:


  • Bryce13

    Oh my god, cats like Black Milk are proving that Hip Hop is not dead, it is just under the surface.

  • @zubrainz on twitter

    As 14kt said i gotta go back to the fuckin lab…lol…..good breath of fresh air blackmilk…..cant wait for the new shit….big up!

  • ThatGuy

    Some good yang right there..