Bilal Talks Jazz, Collaborations & Road Stories

Bilal Talks Jazz, Collaborations & Road Stories

Bilal Talks Jazz, Collaborations & Road Stories

Just a week after he turned out Brooklyn Bowl with his absolutely possessed (more on this shortly) set at the 7th Annual Okayplayer Holiday JamBilal sat down with Mercy over at Soul Bounce to wax about some new tales from the road, his favorite collaborations and jazz roots. It was a wildly animated interview, which seems only fitting for the Philly native. He went in on some of his experiences overseas on the European leg of his tour, gushing about how his yearning to write on a mountaintop in Greece was quickly brought to a halt by some of nature’s most unforgiving visitors; wild dogs.

He went on to give nods to his favorite partners in crime; our very own ?uestlove and Dilla, claiming to have learned much from the neo-soul mavens and still seems to be in awe of how some of Jay Dee’s beats came together. He addressed the rather nutty nature of his live performances by putting forth his jazz chops/theory and explains exactly how much of a vessel he tends to be:

“I tap out and tune out and zone in or whatever. The less I know about what the hell I’m doing the better people like it.”

Head over to Soul Bounce to read the entire interview and find out what’s next for Okay-fave Bilal, as well as what young guns have been in heavy rotation for this next level funkonaut.

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