Beyonce and Jay Z's Twins Speak From The Womb In 'Saturday Night Live' Skit

Saturday Night Live was back at it with the political barbs this past weekend. Melissa McCarthy reprised her role as alternative fact specialist, Sean Spicer, while Alec Baldwin continued his streak of Trump swings.

But it wasn’t all politics as usual on the iconic late-night sketch show. SNL offered a take on the momentarily private lives of the week’s real stars: the Carter twins (the first of two high-profile weekend appearances.) With Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan starring as the already beloved belly-busters, a sonogram reveals the daily lives of the in utero duo, already cracking jokes at their mother’s expense, lolling over life on the outside, as Morgan appears to have sweaters wrapped around his feet throughout (the only way to adorn such regal and riotously hilarious paws.)

Their jesting comes to a close as Mama Bey lilts out a lullaby, but let’s all hope that this ends up as a recurring sketch, as the twins creep closer to their next on-stage moment: headlining the 2017 installment of Coachella this April with Mother Dearest. Watch Beyonce’s babies broadcast straight from the womb on Saturday Night Live below and hold tight for next week’s episode.