An artist that any OKP fan should be very familiar with, let’s call him B, just dropped off an album last night,  je s u s ▲. In typical B fashion, dude struck with no warning. As we await his major label release, this rough 11 track project emerges on the net. I’m not going to say dude’s name, but it will be very obvious (if it isn’t already) by track 2. Production on je s u s ▲ is provided by The Alchemist, Madlib, Hezekiah, Knxwledge, Nathan, and godleeBarnes. B did say he he’s sitting on over 400 joints, guess he had to get them out somehow. Poor mixing aside, this is pretty thorough – stream/purchase after the jump. Shout out to Sweeney for the heads up.



  • sweeneykovar

    glad you guys aren’t putting the album up for download like NahRight, I’d like to see how quick eskay is to put up a MMG Self Made download too…

  • Keithson4

    Why would you put out something out that is so poorly mixed like this is ridiculous he obviously did not take any time to mix any of this doesn’t make sense to buy something so poorly crafted.

  • oldhead

    its the sound of it. its not common in hip-hop, but punk and other music often intentionally go for lo-fi aesthetics. im sure he knows not everyone is going to love it, but its not like he did it on accident.

  • Lopez B

    I like it sounds raw as fuk

  • COSIGN sweeneykovar

  • imf

    cosign oldhead and lopez b…..but DAMN the highs are so hot on the vocals, I wish he had taken them down just a little…..

  • I can get down on that doowhop

  • DG

    @Keithson4 but remember the godleebarnes EP had worse mastering than this

  • sstretch

    Sounds decent. Blu’s other material way better though. And I don’t know about that joint on warner bros, I might be wrong but damn, heard a couple tracks and they were TOO DIFFERENT for my taste.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • nopppppppppe wont go onmy itunes
    this jus sounds lazy even with the rapping im srry blu but ive alredy tolerated the style change on “everything is ok” but this lol smh

  • TRidg

    Should just release this instead of that Electro-NoYork! stuff…
    This was dope, might be nicer if it was better mixed

  • sene is my replacement blu right now , (not sayin they the same) but sene is givin me wat blu isnt right now