In honor of MLK Day (?), Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def went a little Malik el-Shabazz on this “N**gas in Paris” freestyle, with amazing results. I just got back from a supposedly “Third World” nation to the still Third World (but much colder) U.S.S.A. only to find that world is still crazy and the heat is out in my Brooklyn icebox–this song is nicely summing up the whole situation. Hell of a New Year’s message but somebody had to say it–and there is good news, of a sort. This refix is the first of a 40-part series of mixtape-style tracks called Top 40 Underdog so stay tuned for more tuff love from Mr. Bey. Listen/download below.

spotted at SC


  • J

    Bombaclot! You see that cover?

  • kidtruth

    I like this Yasiin Bey. Where have I heard him before? Should watch out for this hot new talent.

    Kidding… good to hear Dante with this kind of energy again.

  • GET ‘EM YASIIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • like the new twist to that track
    but there’s a typo in his arabic logo. i fixed it for him:

  • Really feelin this one. My favorite remix of this track to date

  • loveandunity

    this is crazy hard right here, reality, “every winter landlord fucking with my heat again”

  • DOOM

    Maybe if it was Mastered…

  • jason james

    My only problem with track is a Muslim hating on opression- Muslims brainwash/ oppress half their population. Look at all those beautiful women forced to hide in beekeeper suits and remain silent. Some cultures aren’t ready to even strive for equallity. Just sayin. What kind of God/Allah promises 72 virgins in heaven?

    • Spazz

      Not every muslim believes in 72 virgins, man. You’re talking about when politics meet Islam/religion. Many Muslims (esp USA Muslims) don’t believe in the outdated laws for women’s behavior and dress code. Not to mention that the 72 virgins thing was in fact (as I’ve heard it) made up as a means to get Muslim men to go to war in the Middle East.

  • anHero

    Mos Def NKA Yasiin Bey has a thing for jumpin on Jigga’s beats and puttin a spin on it

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  • Good to see someone come correct on this negative concept being transported by black artist in the US as something positive. It does not surprise me coming from Jay-Z and Kanye these days. But somebody needed to say something to counter this imagine of greed, and lack of honesty from mainstream artist and what’s really going on in US and peoples lives and souls…thanks Yasiin Bey

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