You’ve read the press release, now hear the first leak off undun. The track features Mississippi emcee and Def Jam label mate Big K.R.I.T. and was produced by Khari Mateen and The Roots.  Go ahead and “Make My” below.


  • Tom Clark

    sweeet I’m so psyched for Undun

    • Jeffrey Gussin

      ‘Make My’ sounds sweet. I’m looking forward to when the CD drops.

  • Tavatos

    December 6th. date marked.

  • jesekfawcett

    The Roots can never dissapoint. Blackthought I LOVE your voice to hell and back

  • behtash

    Dice for the chorus’ again?! Not enough Black again!! smfh! Come on guys excited for the album still thou 87 to infinity

  • JB1

    In a world of ring tone singles and blinged out hip hop, thank God we still have The Roots. That’s all I gotta say. Peace.

    • illtek

      Word up…

  • Damn. So dope.

  • kGb

    the roots is one of the few bands i can pre-order without fear of disappointment… i look forward to this.
    switch up @ 2:39 = #winning

  • Imran

    “Unwritten and unwraveled…” gotta be a connection to Rising Down’s “Unwritten”!! Sweet.

  • Ramon

    nice beat KRIT is da man!

  • Awesome, just awesome!

  • Benjourn85

    It’s like hip-hop resuscitation. The Big K.R.I.T. feature worked well. I can’t wait to listen to the album/story. Then listen to it backwards.

    • Ravi Sens


  • devoya

    they become more poignant with each body of work. they raise the bar & remind me not to settle.

  • Rickyrose

    Wow….last 2mins put me into a trance…that hit my soul…looks like we’re store for a even more musical Roots album. Yes!!!

    • Jigga

      Wasn’t really feelin it up until the last 2 minutes but those were real nice

  • alseunarayan

    always come correct!!
    The Roots do it again!!
    (I know this will be on my iPod for my flight to NZ!!)

  • Iris

    there’s no music like The Roots music, everything they do is hot!! #philly

  • sid

    Since 1987 still doin it!

  • kidtruth

    Can’t wait for the album, so the bar on quality hip hop can be raised again.

  • derek

    Big krit is amazing I hope we get some mos def on this album too

    • Pooz30

      impossible… we might see Yasiin Bey though.

  • kyriz

    The Legendary!!!! the suitable name for such a legendary crew….

  • Kimberly Sanon

    Oh yes!!!!! I will be sharing this with my class!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • mCD

    tHE rOOTS 4ever!!!!!

  • plb

    “… to order his world in a way that makes the most sense to him at a given moment… At the end of the day… isn’t that what we all do?”

    “There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. ”
    -Proverbs 14:12

    • Rickyrose

      preach on

  • I am so psyched by this! I hate that hip hop has distanced itself from storytelling:


  • who wants to buy this for me for christmas? lol

  • Main-One


  • CJD

    <3 the roots <3 them saying their last album was going to be their last was playing on my mind pretty bad until today!

  • troubleman81

    sounds a bit stevie wonderish…..i Like

    • Rickyrose

      Stevie takes over the last 2 mins

  • Rae

    Love it!!! Big K.R.I.T. Is doing his thing! Many blessing to him & The Roots for giving takent a chance!

    • loprimo

      Indeed love the roots !!

  • KenTaurus

    The Roots NEVER disappoint! They always come through with that heat!

  • Kaddache

    C’est que de bonnes nouvelles ça/ that only a great new’s.

  • abel siminya

    How sick can these cats get!…Damn…

  • sstretch

    Good joint right here, always copping the ROOTS album, can’t wait.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • se.po


  • that rich and fullfilling music right there..right on for yall utilizing K.R.I.T properly

  • 937andheartbreak

    This MADE MY day. The roots need to come out with an album ever year.

  • Illadelph in the building…….dope music straight outta the 215

  • Kamiesha

    Yeah , not disappointed. The Roots are like Sade and Maze feat. Frankie Beverly; Band and front man wouldn’t be the same without each other. All three of these bands give you some inspiration and melodrama in the same body of work. Always good ride music.

  • Once again the hardest working group in Hip Hop does it again. Looking forward to purchasing the new album as always.

  • jamie

    I think Im just not psyched on an R&B sounding roots. Ill probably revisit the older albums, just because I miss the straight up beats, upbeat flows and rawness. I dont imagine the album will be filled with these type cuts but if it is Ill respectively pass

  • Cliff

    Wow, what a great song! This is what I love about the Roots – it’s so easy for the band to change styles with ease. Blackthought for the win!

    Just wondering, did Owen play on this?

  • AGP

    Amazing track…can’t wait for Undun
    The Roots can do no wrong

  • kennyken

    man to reach out and get big k.r.i.t. on their album…the roots are really working for hiphop. They had devin some time ago. This is a good look for them really and big k.r.i.t.

  • BLP

    Big big big big big leap. Glad The Roots finally get to have some creative freedom while still being signed onto a label and making that money. These guys were working way too hard to support their art and now after 20 years, they’re finally getting to do what they want and it sounds incredible. Big up to Stonesthrow, Blacksmith, and Duck-down for letting their artists “do it all for the love yall!”

  • TASH

    No disrespect–I got mad love for Tariq(Black Thought). But, I bought the best Roots’ album Things Fall Apart–last month again–and I put the CD in my car and didn’t have to skip a track. I have to admit I’m stuck in time with Hip Hop—because this new sound–is not gettin me?? I’m looking for a couple grimy head nod joints–haven’t been gettin them lately. Maybe I will stick with the MMJB or something–I need that ish!!

  • If I could do the third verse I would say

    we got debt ceilings and thrones
    no originals more clones
    more murder and death on microphones
    we got cops killin in cold blood in the community
    black on brown crime the worse kind of disunity
    listening to Olu Seun Kuti bring my own fury
    system still corrupt no matter judge or jury
    some people too busy tweetin I don’t follow ya
    send more food to Somalia
    we need 1 million Dalai Lama’s
    gather resources
    people reduced to funerals and corpses
    peace to Amy (winehouse)
    the world has got a way to drive you crazy
    feeding radiation milk to the babies
    or it’s self induced on cellular’s
    battle for your business and your mind
    then they tell you it’s all fine and on sale
    do they have some freedom at retail
    we want truth no lies in 0 12

  • sureham



    The Roots’ production style has become really different since the started on LNWJF. Still dope thought.. “Grown folk music” I guess..

  • djrubadub

    fcuk yes!!! i’m hyped for some new roots crew shit!!!

  • Mos def we know The Roots are back,jus can’t wait to lat hands on the album,also hoping to hear some cuts with long estranged Roots member Malik B.

  • Pariah

    The Roots…doing their thang as usual.

  • datNIGGAJ

    real music period. the last two minutes or so, or the instrumental part reminds me of 70s era stevie wondah. dope. great. let’s skip november and get to december already.

  • Dr. Derty

    Damn. HIGO was gonna be hard to top. Sounds promising.

  • Terrence

    This is a chill groove,what I like about The Roots is each disc is different.

  • R


  • R

    damn it I played this about 15 times back to back tonight

  • Man I love the roots

  • Soulfantastic

    That’s the raw! with a Dilla like flava… I can’t wait son.

  • Sylvia

    Just divine..! Can’t wait!

  • Main-One

    Yo Jahi, that was Dope!!!
    This song is CLASSIC!!! It’s not other way to put it.

  • Awesome instrumentals love the jazzy soul touch it has to it. Just awesome. The Roots never disappoint. They only get better and better, and that my friends is a real band

  • Juggy

    Talent knows no boundries!

  • Andrea Richardson

    Very nice track!!!

  • troubleman81

    ok this my second and last comment on this post….1., thank you to those that keep okayplayer running on a daily. im soooo very glad i somehow stumbled upon the site again in the last couple years. the first few times i came to the site, i kept coming back day after day to see if anything had been posted. this was maybe 10 years ago after i had been to my first roots crew concert here in DC(9:30 club). black thought is the illest and ?uesto is a wiz wit a bass and snare……2., this is the largest post(comment wise) that i seen on here. that says the roots get much love. PEACE & BLESSINGS

  • Harry MC

    this is just what i needed i had a experience recently that almost made me lose faith in good music , trouble is i been rhyming since 6 period lunch and have followed the roots almost as long ya are the voice of my generation never settle Reek Amir it is the fourth quarter two minutes left on the clock yall still in the game like the city we both hale from. thanks for giving me some ease in my day.

  • I just found your blog and want to say thank you! What an enjoyable time looking