This is really dope. I honestly can’t say I’ve thought of the L.A. Riots or Rodney King in years, though that’s probably my last memory of my life in Cali before I moved to NY, can’t believe it’s been 20 years. “THURZ (1/2 of U-N-I) gives the first person perspective of the night that lead to the infamous beating of Rodney King. Today is the 20 year anniversary of this atrocity. This event was the molotov cocktail that sparked the 1992 LA Riots…” Watch the evolution above, and listen to the full song below.

Rodney King by LARiot

props to The Riot Starts Here



  • BruceblaQ

    damn 20 years huh…don’t seem like much has really changed
    In the life and times of “AlwaysBusy Hustleman McGee”, I”m sure I’m not the only person that forgot about those times.
    thanks for the reminder

  • SlangTruth

    Can’t progress to the future without remembering the past. Classic