Shoutout to Tunji (aka Brother Numpsy) for putting me on to this Bay Area band by the name of The Seshen. The 7-member crew have three songs on soundcloud right now (you can stream my favorite, “Oblivion,” below). Their listed influences include J Dilla, Beach House, Erykah Badu, and Little Dragon – you can definitely hear elements of all of them in the music they’ve put out so far. Listen to their trance inducing electro-pop jawn, “Oblivion,” and share your thoughts on the crew.

Oblivion by The Seshen


  • tremayne

    yeooooooooo these guys are so legit… more please

  • sev

    this is dope!!

  • funkymystic

    so fresh

  • bojcd

    unbelievable… there needs to be more of this immediately!!!

  • Beautiful Music! ::<3::

  • Steven Coambs

    What a great group of talented musicians. Keep making happy ears!

  • big cat

    these guys not got anything on youtube?

  • for real…this track is amazing! i’m looking forward to hearing more from this band!! #dope!

  • The Seshen album is out folks! http://www.theseshen.bandcamp.com