Speaking of remixes, this SNDCLSH rework of the Pointer Sister‘s “Automatic” (one of the first concrete results we’ve heard from Lupe Fiasco‘s side project with Sky Gellatly) is pretty bulletproof dancefloor material as well. Probably helps that the original is one of my favorite childhood jams OF ALL TIME (watch the Sisters perform on the much-missed Soul Train TV program after the jump–I so remember this sh*t from when it aired!) and the contrast between the electro wobbles and the early 80s cold funk just works, even though I’m not much on wobbles normally. Stream below:

spotted at LE


  • umm…

    i love lupe man but this is pretty bad awful… hope he doesn’t commit career suicide…

    • Paul

      this is crap. How did it even make on okayplayer? especially on the news section