Jay-Z (or at least his minions in the House of Jay) continue to prove us right and wrong by kind of killing it over at the new Life + Times blog. The latest nail in the coffin is the debut of this new Santigold banger “GO” — the first concrete evidence of her recent signing to RocNation. It features Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (who btw also got a subliminal shout out from Chrisette Michelle on that Rick Ross song–how many inner city pre-teens singing that chorus know who Karen O is??) and a storm my winter palace lyrical assault straight out the French Revolution, or at least Marie Antoinette. And it is a banger, maybe the best example of that punky “Brooklyn We Go Hard” spirit that had everybody all goosebumps about her solo persona in the first place. Just to put it even more in the OKP wheelhouse, the track is a collaboration between Q-Tip and Switch of Major Lazer fame, with Nick Zinner on guitar. Listen below and check a quick interview about the inspiration for the track at Life + Times (comes up when you click play)

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spotted at L + T


  • BushidoBlade

    You call this a banger?!…either you’re a brainwashed muppet or you just have terrible taste…whatever, this is trash! (and dont try to defend it by sayin it’s “artsy” and I don’t “get it”)

  • Russ of Wisco

    I don’t know too much about Santigold (I did enjoy her NASA joint), so excuse me if my question warrants background knowledge, but doesn’t she kinda sound like M.I.A.? Especially around 2:30… just asking?

  • ToTheTop

    This is soooo 2007.

  • Whatever, I think this is pretty dope… 2007, yeah, but fuck it. It’s alright.

  • I love it.