So I’m a day late on this week’s #WuWednesday drop. For this go round, The RZA leaks this demo track “Operator” featuring Kosha Dillz and Kool G Rap. Says RZA: “Here’s a demo of a song we made about a year and a half ago at my east coast studio ’36 East’.  It’s featuring Kosha Dillz, one of the rawest Jewish kids I know proving again that hip-hop comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and races… I thought I’d show him some love.  The very special guest featured on this track is one of the illest of all time Kool G Rap.” Kosha holds his own alongside one of the greatest emcee/producers of all time and a top 10 lyricist in G Rap, bong bong.

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  • KD06

    Rza fell off… Use to be one of the sharpest in Clan with the beats & rhymes…

  • Pooch

    The Rza is by far one of the rawest producers out of the Staton Island. Maybe he should’ve stated that Kosher Dillz is one of the rawest emcees, and he is Jewish too.

  • Rza is one of the illest. i gotta say that. G Rap yep. kosha dillz came through. Jewish rap bout to blow.

  • wtf!!!!!!!!!

    How the fuck is Kosher on this track? he is fucking AWFUL as a human and as a rapper he the cheapest cunt I ever had the displeasure to meet at a show…

    • damn this track is raw. big ups to okayplayer. as for WTF!!! sounds like you a hater. everything you saying like out of jealousy. thats a quote from the God himself. Rza like Kosha. and he like G Rap. SO I fucking like Rza. keep you bitchass haterness to yourself!

  • sstretch

    yeah this joint go hard though, the kid Kosha did his thing and Kool G Rap been doing it for yearsssssssssssssssssss, one of the greatest emcees ever. The beat was good from RZA, sup with a verse though???

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • oh hell yes

    yo sstretch them beats is hot…kosha and Rza proll;y get on it but you would have to chip them up…but great way to have heads listen! this post is getting a lot of burn all over the internet. Who would expect Kosha to hold bars with G Rap and Rza…and kill it like this! I’ll take 3 verses and two beats!