Audio: Preteen Zenith X Erykah Badu "Damage Control" - Okayplayer

Audio: Preteen Zenith X Erykah Badu "Damage Control"

Erykah Badu collaborates with Tim Dallas and Tim DeLaughter's indie rock project Preteen Zenith

By now we know the creative spirit that is Erykah Badu is not easily contained within the confines of genre, government censorship or, some days, clothes. So it should not come as a shock that the woman who at any given moment might be participating in a super-group with Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Flea or a psychedelic beat collective (or, some days, the Flaming Lips flipping a backwards-masked Biz Markie sample) would jump on a hazy, gaze-y indie rock track at the bequest of her homie Tim Dallas. Judge the results for yourself below–Badu’s vocal is a little lost in the fuzziness of it all but once you find her in there, it kinda works.

spotted at GVB

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