Audio Premiere: Dujeous X John Legend "Pro Choice" - Okayplayer

Audio Premiere: Dujeous X John Legend "Pro Choice"

John Legend and fiancé Chrissy Teigen on Halloween

Okayplayer is proud to host this collaboration John Legend and Dujeous (that OTHER legendary live hip-hop band!) mixing it up and sorting out a “war of choice” of a very different kind (listen to the lyrics). As you might expect “Pro Choice” is an ill combination, with Legend’s falsetto setting off the evil groove of funk/rock foundation and alternating verses that keep you listening to the end, like a much grimier verison of “Two Princes.” I’m not sure why I picked that photo except that something about this groove just kinda sounds like, Yippy-kay-yay, motherf*ckers. Dujeous’ LP Day In Day Out is out now. Get it on iTunes.

cover art, Dujeous Day In, Day Out

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