Wo-world-world puh-premiere! A grip of blogs posted an unofficial, leaked version of Childish Gambino‘s new track “All The Shine” yesterday. That was not the real shit, however. This is the real shit. Without further ado, please stream below the officially official album version of “All The Shine” as it will be heard on his forthcoming LP Camp, due out 11/15/11 (artwork after the jump). This track–and CG’s entire oeuvre–may prompt you to ask the question–is Childish Gambino a joke? To which the answer is: Is he? Is he funny to you? Really? Is he a clown to you? He’s here to amuse you?

At some point he does say: “Walk up in the club with No I.D. and no I.D.” Which is pretty damn funny.

Childish Gambino “All The Shine” (Official LP Version) by okayplayer


  • E.J.


  • Straight fire. Annie’s Boobs.

  • jason

    I was really expecting to be a joke, but its actually pretty good…or is it really a joke??? Im so confused.

  • If you have a chance to see him live, GO. This song is great and fifty times better in person.

  • God

    If Childish Gambino’s a joke, it’s the best one I’ve ever heard!

  • Nick Morrison

    Go see him live if he is ever within 100 miles of you! Best. Show. Ever.

  • Wow. That beat… that beat.

  • Sigmund

    What? For real? impressed, the beat is heavy
    “thats why ICUM first like my cell phone”

  • i love childish but this is one of the worst tracks he has ever put out. not including the bull shit he put out before poindexter. i love this fool tho so dont think im talking shit just because. this is just a bad song. the hook the verses the beat. its just a wack track. i hope CAMP isnt all like this. im with the glover movement and ill stand behind him even if its wack. i love the dude. but please stop putting out wack music.

    • shut up

      Yup, your opinion is fact. It’s a wack track because you said so! Definitely tell me that the cereal I like is nasty and the TV shows I like are trash because your opinion is 100% the only thing that matters. How bout you say “I didn’t like it” and move on and not look like a mental midget dbag. 0/10, see me after class.

    • iforgetmyname

      Dued calm down, all he really was saying was his opinion and you freaked out on him. Btw i like the acoustic version of the song.

  • oh yeah i know youre trying to find yourself donald glover but you gotta stop stealing other shitty rappers swag. like u dont need to be like lil b drake or tyler the creator. ur better than them. so do u and all will be grand.

    • 666

      wow youre dumb

  • Fresh!!

  • the soapbox killer

    Um…that’s not wack. Granted its not illmatic but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting “quality product”. I kinda confuse and intrigued and lost…and I like when that happens when I listen to new music. Huh? The funny dude from tv, really, really?

  • Grizz
  • troubleman81

    NOT impressed

  • MalikAlex

    Not bad…better than alot of stuff on the Radio…*shrug*


    shit is laughable…& happens to be dope!

    “I ain’t Curren$y…but if there ain’t money in my name please murder me”

  • Maura

    Gambino is going to blow up soon. He’s got a lot of talent. Another great rising rapper right now is J.Cole. Check out “Daddy’s Little Girl” via Vevo at http://bit.ly/r9BWRU

    good stuff!

  • jason

    This version sounds way more “produced” i guess. But the live studio version still is my favorite.

  • Brittany

    Yeah, Gambino came to Florida about a month ago and I wasnt able to go. #REGRET. Every friend (easily 30 of them) that attended the concert raved about his performance. It wasn’t a show, it was a life-changing experience. I’m SO excited for Camp on 11/15.