In an interview we reposted recently Nas said about himself “I like to stay doing me. I think that style is kinda timeless…and once I hit it and it’s right? It’s golden.” That’s what this track sounds like. Between this Salaam “Made You Look” Remi production (off the forthcoming Life is Good LP) and the Common collabo that just leaked, it sounds like Nas might be ushering in a new golden age…of Nas, if not of rap in general.

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  • Pooz30

    Could it be? Is NaS dope again?

    • 614grind

      Again???? C’mon son!

  • Quas
  • sstretch

    They lyrics are on point as usual with nas, but the beat selection is aight, big nas fan, but he’s beat selection sometimes can be questionable, but neverless joint is gutter.

    check out thee beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

    • unohoo

      Beat is perfect. Simple and effective. No hooks, no bs. Just beats and rhymes.

  • Valdiggado

    NAS IS BACK!?!?

  • D. Hogg

    …i like, i like! #2copies!

  • KD06

    Solid, need more of this…

  • OG Khyam B

    DAMN! that’s just straight KILLER!

    ’nuff said!

  • Eric

    i mean, wow.

  • Uhurube

    Yo this is what the game needs right now …# Nas is a rebel to a america.

  • he’s baaaaaaaaaack..get em NAS!

    Vante Soul http://www.reverbnation.com/vantesoul

  • Krome


  • what’s up with folks saying NAS is back!? Where did he go? You all don’t have the “untitled” album?

  • clicknspark

    NaS never went anywhere but it does sound fresher and more energetic in this song than he has in a while!

  • Jigga

    Didn’t like it much the 1st listen & now I’m slappin myself wondering what I was missin.

  • Opinionated !!

    still can’t figure out where these mofo’s keep sayin Nas fell off at …dnt kno which album wasn’t worth buyin …this Nigga always been NASTY !!! every album can’t B classic but A 3mic album from A real emcee is always betta than most rappers catalogs …

  • Chea!

    The beat is outstanding. It is all you really need for a super lyrcist like Nas. Sometimes laying down an intricate beat drowns out the lyrics. Not this time. Remi hits it just right. If the album can stay in this lane, then it will be close to album of the year for me. This is close to that “NY State of Mind” flow I have been clamoring for.