In case you haven't yet purchased Muhsinah's iTunes exclusive album, The Oscillations: Triangle, here is another song to sway you towards making that buy. The latest track she's giving out is "Lose My Fuse," produced by Flying Lotus. The beat on this track is hypnotizing as hell – hit play and fall under its trance. Look for the "Lose My Fuse" vid to drop soon. The Oscillations: Triangle is available now.

Muhsinah "Lose My Fuse (prod. Flying Lotus)"



Video: Muhsinah "Always"


  • Hey U

    I must say, this is very nice!!! Love the lil interlude at the end to. We need more interlude and instrumental tracks on LP’s!!!

  • STZA

    ooooweeeeehhhh!!! flylo’s beat is a monster! and muhsinah did a good job on that!

  • nifer

    zomg flylo did it again. gettin lost in da hypnotics

  • ChuckT’s

    i like it.

  • me, nigga

    Hey U. No we do NOT!

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