The Money Making Jam Boys‘ long awaited mixtape, The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic (with 10.Deep) will officially drop at noon this Thursday. In the meantime, the Jam boys dropped off another new track “Day Job” produced by Khari Ferrari. If you’re in the D.C. area and want an early preview of the tape, head out to Commonwealth tonight for the Jam Boy Listening event.

Money Making Jam Boys "Day Job (prod. Khari Ferrari)"



  • KD06

    Is this first cat on here STS? How did he get put on? No diss but he is wack! Never liked him at all… He ruined “Light On”. Wack MC, he’s got to be somebody’s cousin.

  • FallofJericho

    So these are the Money Making Jam Boys…. *shrugs shoulders*. Pass.

    • FlameThrower

      ….yea…im sure ur gang of firends rap waaaayyyy better……lol…..those who can….usually do…those who cant….post on blogs…..