chart-topping Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller

Can’t say I’ve followed Mac Miller’s every move since his appearance at last year’s Roots picnic but whenever I do check in on the the young Pittsburgh native he appears to be making all the right ones; topping charts, collaborating with cool peoples and generally doing his thing over good-ass soulful beats. All that times eleven on this almost-a-posse cut–a remix of his cut “Of The Soul” off Blue Slide Park (cop here)–with Raekwon and Pos of De La Soul, who took a break to connect, politic and run the ditto machine. Young Mills holds his own with two legends and by itself that is something to brag on–even before the acapella fade-out Vincent D’onofrio reference.

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spotted at HHNM


  • You Can’t Be Serious


  • greg

    Posdonous has to be the most underatted mc of all time

  • kennyken

    man so soulful!

  • Krit

    Dowload link is a private file

  • dubz

    Pos set it off AND ended it.. why would Rae call this dude a ni66a????

  • blu5ive

    Wow! Been checking this Mac Miller dude for a minute now and I gotta say after this, I’m a cosigner. Real smooth joint.

  • This is dope. Mac has been puttin out solid tracks consistently

  • ad.hominem

    this has to be one of the finalists in the top 10 “tracks that the main artist of the track should’ve been taken out of his own shit” of all time.
    Cmon son. I understand Pos and Rae are tryinna keep their names relevant in a generation who’s only exposure to De La and Wu Tang was the 15 seconds they could be in their big bro’s room before they got kicked out when they was kids, but damn.