Right before February comes to a close, Lupe Fiasco drops the perfect song to fit the Black History Month theme. Listen as Wasalu gets on some White Man’s Burden ish with this song “All Black Everything.” You can listen to the song below, or download it with an iTunes pass. Head over to Ms. Dimplez’ spot to stream one more track from the album. And for one more piece of Lupe audio content, the Chi-town emcee was out in London this past weekend and murked a few beats on Tim Westwood’s show, you can listen to those at LupEND. Lasers drops on March 8th, pre-order it here (worry not, “Shining Down” & “I’m Beamin” are bonus tracks).

Lupe Fiasco "All Black Everything"



    Diggity Dope. I have never owned a Lupe album, but I think I am going to have to cop this one. Good stuff!

    • Yo bro, DO THE RESEARCH! You missed GREAT music with Food&Liquor (unreleased tracks as well) and The Cool.

  • Skooter

    “worry not, “Shining Down” & “I’m Beamin” are bonus tracks”

    YES!!! Made my day, March 8th can’t come soon enough.
    This and the new Cunninlynguists are going to be amazing!

  • Matt S

    Lupe this song is great. Do you know when we can hear all the songs CDQ before the album comes out or not? I’d prefer you not release them all before March 8th because it will urge more people to buy it, but I know I’m buying it for a fact!

  • Matt S

    Also the feeling of this song reminds me of the song “The Cool”

  • hip hop with substance!

  • =*]

  • Michael

    This track is really good, but the other one is terrible beyond words.

    Rest of the album should be dope though!

    • dj

      What song do you mean?

  • Ama


  • SteadieRoc

    dope song cant wait for the album

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  • Langston C.

    I am always amazed by Lupe Fiasco’s musical talents, especially with his verse which he says, “Malcolm Little dies as an old man, and Martin Luther King reads the eulogy for him.”