OK back to the world of non-Roots music. While we were leaking left and right, Kid Cudi and Cage went in for a bit of the old ultra-violence in this dark short film. Warning: the graphic content in this film may be disturbing to young children, not to mention my grown ass. Kind of the ultimate bad santa-meets-trenchcoat-mafia caper to ruin your holiday season. Not sure how I feel about this, actually–ambitious and well um, executed but the even the self-referential twist at the end justifies the gratuitousness. Somebody with a degree in film theory and/or French post-structuralist theory will set me straight, I’m sure. On a lighter note, when I went to tag this post ‘Cage’ I typo/autocorrected ‘Café’. Ironic.

Spotted at OS.


  • “C’est arrivé près de chez vous” => no credits about it….


    w0w this is wild !! Cage’s lyrics in video form …sick

  • Brock

    Messed up for sure

  • Yep…..I enjoyed it….it’s pretty dope.

  • A very poor reproduction of the film “Man Bites Dog”