As promised, this morning Kanye West and Jay-Z dropped their first single, “H.A.M.” off their upcoming collabo album, Watch The Throne. Lex Luger holds down the beat and supplies his signature bass heavy triumphant sounding production. I mean, if they were just lookin’ for the first single to be something you can bump in the whip and get spins in the club… mission accomplished, but that’s about all this song does for me. What do y’all think about “H.A.M.”?

Note: Updated with final art work.

Kanye West & Jay-Z “H.A.M.”



  • not-buying-it

    Track is straight garbage. Kanye’s verse is terrible , not hating I really like both of these artists but this isnt G.O.O.D music.Disappointed indeed.

  • jermy

    damn, they made this shit hard to even listen to the end…

  • WOW! I’m not the biggest fan of these guys but I’ve always respected their work. But this is one time that I have to say they have put out garbage. I don’t care how high or powerful a person feels they are, nobody respects bullshit!

  • Hjalte

    I’m very disappointed! I’m a big fan of both artist, especially Kanye. I really hope for the rest of the album to be better, but maybe it’s just easy to get disappointed after “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”?

  • Big-Boi

    L.A.M.E if you have to rap about how good you are, you’ve prob ran out of things to rap about….

  • Damn….they might as well put Rick Ross on this shit. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Skooter

    haha wow not one good comment so far, and I’m no exception – that was shit…

    You’re probably right shamz, this is the bullshit mediocre club hit to please the majority audience and get the most exposure… Really hoping they have something better on the album because at this point it’s not even worth a torrent search.

  • whowho

    This is ass!

  • KD06

    no thanks….

  • the truth

    No Pork please this is wack and kanye need to quit that haaaaa shit

  • Black Irish

    I like the beat….that’s about it.

  • The SoapBoz Killer

    I was trying to think of a clever way to say what I think about this.”this shit is horrendous”. Not too clever at all I guess.

  • Noemik

    Um, can we rate this as a 3 (out of 100), I’m so thoroughly disappointed…

  • The SoapBox Killer

    Oh wait I got it… H.orrendous A.ss M.usic

  • DC

    I think it’s easy to hate on these two. This song doesn’t make it any harder….

    I like the departure from their standard ish personally. It’ll be interesting to see what other artists do with this beat though, especially Lil’ Wayne, there was an obvious dart thrown his way. Let’s hope this sparks the next great rap feud. Both Mr Carters could use some time in the ring.

  • Jericho Drumm

    H.A.M.-burger…not feeling this!!!!

  • Sun God Allah

    Yeah… what they said. Wasn’t feelin it at all.

  • Ya’ll cats be hatin…. Ya’ll cant spit a quarter of what these niggaz can. sounds like they tryna work some sh** out. thats why its a free track you lames!!! Post your own song, i wanna hear it

  • th beat is alright ! kanye could ripped it better man ….

  • djrubadub

    yall trippin this shit go hard. turn your speakers up!!!

  • djrubadub

    on some broadway shit. dope!

  • wallyChichi’s

    These two wanksters really have no respect for there true fans..this is garbage ,stinks, like old chineese lady inside a kangaroo pouch!

  • se.po


  • 2nd time

    I thought this would be better the second time, I was wrong.

  • Percy

    I can write better than that. TLC said don’t go chasing waterfalls, so I chased money instead and now I ball, fuck all of ya’ll, who don’t like my shine, uh yea I shine, even at night, I go hard as a motherfucker, yea thats right. My flow is unstoppable, cars uncoppable, and their track should be deemed undroppable. they get a 1 time listen, but this ain’t dissin, I’m just giving you a break from the horrendous track they made, intermission, and I’m on a mission to prove these niggas fell off, this is my world, now get the hell off. I’m lyrically bless, so I’m grateful for this gift, I got so many haters on they job that they got take turns in shifts. EVERYTHING I DO IS BIG LIKE MY LIFE IS ON CAPS LOCK. and this to those no pussy getting, loving your own hand, cock blocks, you can try all you want but this shit will not stop, cuz best is what I am, and that is what you not. Jay-z and Kanye need to stop. They no longer running this town, I’m taking over, so I’ll see you later, with my krew the robots, call this terminator, I run towns, they run out of them in a quickness, I’m laying it down, can I get a witness, my flow is smooth, and these rappers now a days seemed clogged, I’m out, go check out my blog….


  • jon
  • Q

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling this song.

  • Storm

    Jay-Z verse was sick come on..”I play chicken with a Mack truck, Y’all muthafuckers woulda been moved. I swam waters with great whites, Y’all muthafuckers woulda been chewed. I hustle with vultures late nights, Y’all muthafuckers woulda been food. Fuck wrong with these dudes, Try to walk around in these shoes” Some of ya’ll just hating to hate..seriously. Its not they best joint but still..*3/5 stars*

    • jeffrey lorisch

      That chicken shit was hard as fuck you aint lying! Jay kills it!

  • tonydotcom

    I agree. This track is Hard as a MF. Especially props to Jay Zs verse. These two are picking up where they left on Haters. Stop hating.

  • Kam C

    idgaf wat ppl say. Song Goes Hard !

  • jeffrey lorisch

    Considering the music out there currently besides Em i didn’t think it was that bad, i mean honestly what are you comparing it to? I mean i know Jay & Ye’s shit is held to a higher standard than anyone except Em, but really i mean it wasn’t horrible. If you compare it to anything rick ross ever spit good or bad “Ham” kills ross everytime i mean it depends on what your judging off. Jay’s verse was better that i can say.

  • BBaker08

    eminem should hop on this track and spit a verse at the end

  • mikel

    sounds like shit. the mix is terrible, whoever engineered this should be fired.