Last night, the the tagless version of an unreleased Kanye West song hit the net. The song, “Eyes Closed,” is rumored to be a My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy leftover. I like this song, and it gets better with every play, but it’s probably best that it was left off the album.

Kanye West "Eyes Closed"



  • Truth

    This is horrible. He has the lyrical ability of a 4 year old chinese kid.

  • Connecticut Lewis

    he did the first verse on the hip hop awards cypher with common and all them. bunk.

  • sheen

    The more I listen, the more I get hype to it. Dope!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    The synths and drum samples sound like leftover 808s and heartbreak sounds.

  • Gandalf The Blak

    This would have been a greatful addition to the MBDF….

  • Damn, the link’s already dead. Lil help?

  • Jericho Drumm

    @ Truth

    LMAO!!! I think you may be on to something. This is BUTT…straight BOOTY!!!

  • Yo thanx for finding the link…this was the flow from the cypher and the beat does sound like a 808s leftover and they dont really sound like they go together so I applaud the decision to leave it on the cutting room floor. Even though Kanye is a lost soul now, I still think he’s a genius of modern music. I just wish he would get off that free mason crap and come back to his senses like the dropout days. Sadly, I guess the mascot is retired and school is out now though.

  • Twi
  • Dowser

    If you don’t appreciate this song i think your stuck in the past, please give your ears a tune-up.

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