Damn Consequence is on a roll. First he killed my favorite new Estelle song. Then he killed my favorite Brand Nubian beat. And now he has put his stamp on the comic book thing with the best superhero rap since the Prophet (or at least Swagger Man). You are probably going to have to dig up some back issues of Marvel Universe to catch all the references he throws in here but my favorite is “Your boy ain’t from Smallville.” Why do I feel like dude is reading Okayplayer and one-upping everybody we post about from Rick Ross to the Incredible Hulk? He could be watching us right now. He could pop up at any moment like BAMF.


  • sstretch

    Crazy joint right here. If you into and grew up on comic books, you going to be feeling this joint. Consequence been going hard for real. Props for dude to air his grievences and then moving on and putting on great work.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323