Audio: Bobby Womack "Please Forgive My Heart" [prod. Damon Albarn] - Okayplayer

Audio: Bobby Womack "Please Forgive My Heart" [prod. Damon Albarn]

Bobby Womack

No, rap kids, not Fizzy Womack. Bobby Womack. The soul legend who sang “Across 110th Street” and has in recent years gone Gorillaz with Damon Albarn’s rotating cartoon supergroup. After Womack’s continued involvement on recent tours, Albarn has decided to return the flavor by producing the new single “Please Forgive My Heart,” the first from Womack’s forthcoming album on XL records (can these guys stop killing it for like a month?). Titled Bravest Man in the Universe, the album will be his first release of all-new material in some 18 years (take that, D’Angelo). Womack is at his soul-wrenching finest on the vocal and the bed of rhythm Albarn lays down–layers of piano and synth anchored by insect-like drums sounds and a digital dub bassline that reminds me a little of Kanye’s beat for “Guess Who’s Back.” Bravest Man comes out June 12th in the US, and I, for one, am prepared to be psyched. (See single artwork after the jump).

[audio:http://www.okayplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Bobby_Womack-Please_Forgive_My_Heart.mp3|titles=Bobby Womack – “Please Forgive My Heart” [prod. Damon Albarn]

Artwork for Bobby Womack's new song "Please Forgive My Heart," produced by Damon Albarn, the first single from Bravest Man In The Universe, his first LP of all-new material in 18 years

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