We been hearing rumors about this Black Milk and Jack White collaboration for a minute and a half. But now the meeting of the minds ((half the excitement was speculating what the release would be called: White Milk? No…Jack Black? Wait…) finally becomes a reality as Jack, um, Mr. White’s Third Man Records imprint releases Black Milk’s new 7″ single  today! And yall’s truly got the rights to stream the A-side “Brain”–featuring White on guitar, as well as co-production credit–for your listening pleasure (you’ll just have to take our word that the dirty b-side “Royal Mega” is wild tough, also). This is the first rap project of any kind to come out on Third Man and the high-contrast duo apparently also put down a sick show at the label’s studios in Nashville (recorded for posterity and maybe seeing its own release in the near future?) which has only added to the legendary buzz. What more can we say except: Detroit, stand up.


  • the tracks are co-produced by jack white. where is the audio?

    • embedded soundcloud player, might take a minute to load but should be working fine

  • kidtruth

    me gusta

  • eazy

    Wow. Black/White. Nice. Me Likey.

  • Daniel Estevez

    esta bueno !!

  • Chea!

    That is that shite right there. Who knew?

  • BruceblaQ


  • MainOne

    I need to rock this on my Home System. I’m at work rocking with some wack speaker. Keep putting out that Good Music Milk!!!

  • MainOne

    I’m Home now….VERY FIRE!!!!!

  • Opinionated !!

    this ShiiiTT so phuckin nasty !! I jus got on Dead weather bout 3 months ago & been killin Album of the year bout a yr …the production on Random axe is hard, now this …keep testin these waters MILK cuz U gotta (record buyin) fan 4 sho …….