Speaking of legends, that Betty Wright x The Roots album we warned you about is really happening and we know it’s official cause Lil Wayne has joined the party–so that is all generations of black music pretty much accounted for. Without further ado, experience “Grapes on a Vine”  below, featuring Weezy on guest verse, whats sounds almost like Questlove sneaking in a little “Sneaking in the Back” type-vibe for the proper old school feel and of course Betty-the-original-“Clean-Up Woman”-Wright cleaning up on the soul-drenched vox. Betty Wright: The Movie drops next week, November 15th–pre-order here.

Betty Wright & The Roots: Grapes On A Vine ft. Lil’ Wayne by S-CurveRecords


  • nice song!

  • Real

    The Roots making music with Lil Wayne? Ok NOW I’ve lost hope for hip hop.

    • rap thought

      no, you were never into hip hop to begin with.

    • se.po

      the roots make everybody listen tight, so they do with lil wayne, f%&$c wayne, i don’t like his sound – but the most and highest respect for the roots from day one….peace!!!

  • NARLy

    try and stay optimistic Real, collaborations like this can hopefully help Weezy fans understand what real talent is like. at least that’s what im telling myself. Keep it going roots crew.

    • rap thought

      lol at cats still on that underground vs mainstream tip in 2011!

  • hoytdadd

    song is nice, The Roots could work with anyone and make a hit….and listen i’m not the biggest lil wayne fan but he has made some tracks that i think are dope,”misunderstood” and “tie my hands” give me goose bumpst instantly, he got talent he’s just from a diffrent generation then me!!

    • jaykay

      yeah he has talent…but he just makes too many throw away songs….

  • AlBundy

    shut the hell up rap thought

    • havranek89

      thank you

    • rap thought

      not when i’m right

    • rap thought

      shut the hell up you non hip hop fan. “oh the roots are working with wayne. i lost hope for hip hop” you agree with that? fucking dumbass fake rap fan

  • Downindixe

    It would have been better WITHOUT wayne. His flow just sound cheezy to me.

    • jimmycrack

      what the hell is he talking about? i’m sick of these dudes saying meaningless weak messages just because it rymes. anyybody else could’ve been better, call me a hater, i don’t care. betty wright is the real thing though, much love to everyone

  • thankgod4soul

    Wayne shouldn’t even be on this powerful song and message. Betty is singing some age old truths and Wayne is just spitting about himself. His rhyme has nothing to do with Wright’s msg about perseverance in relationships. He undermines the song. He did the same on Distant Relatives. Hopefully they have a Wayne-less version.

  • michael toman

    at least wayne does say anything about pussy or weed for once in his verse

  • micthemessenger

    I like the song just the way it is, INCLUDING Wayne. Dear hip-hop snobs, you’ve got your nose so far in the air that you can’t tell what is good music PERIOD. No one even noticed that Wayne used a metaphor IN a metaphor.

    • Downindixie

      It’s not being a snob. It’s having standards in the music that I listen to. If all you want is a clown braggin about pussy and cough suryp and money and weed and kinapping Beyonce, fine. But that’s YOU. But that bores the shit out of me.

  • Avenger XL

    Sorry micthemessenger it is not snobbery. Lil wayne has great cadance on this track and his vioce brings a lot character in contrast with Betty wrights. His lyrics are thankfully his pseudo introspective side which is nothing more than more bragging with a few slightly thoughtful lyrics sprinkled in to give you the illusion of consistancy. i.e. he is attempting to follow the song theme even though it isn’t his strong suite. The reason for the back lash may come from the fact, Wayne created the greatest rapper alive mythology and this A.D.D. generation bought into it hook line and sinker. Dude has a interesting voice quality and is a good/pop rapper and performer. I think he was great for this track but he is not exactly great overall and it is always eyebrow raising when the two different sides of any genre mix i,e, thoughtful and pop/dance

  • rap thought

    lol @ cats hating cause I’M RIGHT

  • rap thought

    i’m not even a big lil wayne fan, but he sounds just fine on this track. if this makes you lose faith in hip hop, then you never had any to begin with. that’s truth.