Your art. Times square. Giant video screen. For six weeks. Forreal.

Really? Yes, really.

Artists Wanted has just launched Art Takes Times Squarea contest to get your art work made into a larger-than-life video display shown on the most iconic signs in Times Square. (Forreal.)

What else do you get? A dream vacation. Your work included in a book. $10,000 big ones. And did we mention your art shown on billboard in Times Square?

Wait wait! There’s more!

The special Okayplayer prize ($500 bucks in our store) will be decided exclusively by ?uestlove. And you’re all invited to the after party on June 18th, hosted and DJ’ed by ?uesto of course (other acts and deets TBA).

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the contest FREE by May 25, 2012 HERE.
  • Create an account, upload up to 20 images of up to 3 megs each (jpeg or gif, + links for vids) of your painting, graphic work, video, or photography.
  • Share your work via facebook, twitter, and over 200 other social media networks (made easy on the entry site) to get people to “collect” you.
  • The more collections you get into, the better your chances of winning – judges will be looking at the top 1,000 artists from the public collections and selecting the winner from there.
  • Winners will be announced in June.
  • To check out all the entries, click here.
  • For more info, check the FAQ.

P.S. Tweet your portfolios @okayplayer and we’ll select ones we love and re-tweet so you get more views and collectors. Stay tuned for details on the afterparty with DJ ?uesto.

Apply here and for more info head to Artists Wanted.


  • I don’t have a Twitter account, but please visit http://sharikantor2.artistswanted.org/atts2012 and click “Collect Me” (look for the star inside a circle symbol at the top of the website) to help me win a show in the most immense exhibition of art in New York City: Art Takes Times Square. The more my work is “collected,” the more it is eligible for the grand prize. You’re entered to win a trip to NYC when you Collect Me. A win-win for everyone:) Thank you so much!