10 Non-Spoiler Things We've Learned From Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

Photo of ‘Get Out’ taken from YouTube.

Jordan Peele‘s Get Out has people speaking from sea to shining sea, as the 100% rated film from Rotten Tomatoes is finally out in theaters.

The horror film marks the directorial debut of the former Key & Peele star, yet, those unofficial critics—better known as armchair critics—are sharing their thoughts about the film. Labeling it and slamming it down as so-called “anti-white” and “racist” for its portrayal of white characters, these so-called experts have generated 11 pages worth of comments, according to Mic.com.

With such an opinionated group of people who believe they know the merits and standards of what makes up a successful satirical horror film, below, you can check out a few excerpts and share your own opinion with us @Okayplayer.

“It’s blatantly pushing a racist stereotype agenda against white people.”

“100% anti-white film used as propaganda. White shaming white women to date black guys ore they are racist. This movie was poorly acted and directed.”

“It is forgettable if it weren’t for the disgusting racism involved and a Hollywood narrative. Sadly, I wasted my money on this so I can be insulted on this D-level ‘thriller’.”

“I really wanted to like it but just couldn’t get past the racial stereotypes and social message.”

“Mixing the white people are evil message and a horror movie into one film just killed the experience.”

“Boring plot with an anti-white agenda.”

To quote the Twitizen @1942BS, who had an excellent tweet that should be shared throughout the weekend, see below:

H/T: Mic.com


  • Melanie Rose

    It is anti-white, just like the rest of the crap in modern movies, television series, mainstream media and advertising. I think you guys are just upset that more white people are waking up to your bullshit.

    • Rob Wilson

      you’ll live.

    • Melanie Rose

      Of course I will. It’s a shame you can’t see the forest for the trees, or so it seems. I take it you are a white male, as by seeing your picture? Do you not believe that you are a target or do you just not care? Do you have white children or plan to? You may want to open your eyes a bit if that’s the case. This movie isn’t the issue, it is one of thousands examples.

    • Ben Pingilley

      Uh huh. Thousands of anti-white examples? That’s laughable. What was anti-white? The micro aggressions black people face everyday that this movie captured so well? When you’re accustomed to pro-white, hints of reality can feels like anti-white.

    • Janie

      Blacks are 13% of the US population yet commit over 50% of the crimes. Whites get attacked and killed by Blacks every day in the US. Interracial rape is almost exclusively Black on White. Whites are actually more likely to be killed by cops than Blacks are. Maybe you should do a little bit more research instead of relying on the anti-White liberal media.

    • Adam Pickles

      Correct. Which is why I find it funny how a director with a white mother who’s black father left them and since died, plays it like he was so terrified at times walking through white neighborhoods. Talk about a pussy. If a white woman clinches her purse when a black man is walking past her it’s called racism. If a black person does it, it’s justified because whites are racist lol.

    • Antifeminazi

      You my friend are the definition of a cuckold.

    • the stoner guy

      You literally don’t even know what the word cuck means and you throw it around like a basketball. Please, stop embarrassing yourself and educate yourself about this. Cuck is used by the alt right and the right in general and leftists like you using this word is the polar opposite of its actual meaning. go get triggered , snowflake and get a real degree, other then a liberal arts major, ok?

    • John Smith

      So when those 4 black people kidnapped and tortured a special needs white kid while they live streamed in on facebook. That compares to a black person getting called hurtful words? Also black on white murder rates are higher than the opposite Ben. So can blacks not be considered bad for murdering people? Its hard to tell with you psychotic liberals today.

    • Adam Pickles

      lol cause that’s the best that cuck could come up with. Black people hurt by words that make them feel uncomfortable or “micro-aggresions” like “can I feel your hair?” lol.

    • Adam Pickles

      “The micro aggressions black people face everyday that this movie captured so well?”

      Lmao! Microc aggressions is a word only the cucks in college use. It’s films like this as to why black people still feel like victims where they continue to buy into their own bullshit. Along with liberal whites who this film is mostly portraying as the evil ones BTW lol.

    • Mrs. Morpheus

      s/o to my boy Ben for being a rational person who can actually consider a point of view out of the Mainstream perspective

    • the stoner guy

      micro aggression’s? Hey, check out the professional victim, race baiting, A-hole over here guys! How about you get a real degree, other then a bloody gender studies degree and get a grip and maybe take your thorazine too!

    • John Smith

      Rob, the over arching point here is that why is it fine for whites to be poorly portrayed, but say if blacks do they get 1,000 articles about hows its racist online and expect a black movie to win some oscars every year.

    • Ben Pingilley

      Do you think this movie doesn’t have 1,000 articles about how it’s racist? It was a comedic horror with some stabs at how liberal whites are just as bad as racist white.

    • Adam Pickles

      That’s because whites have woken up to the bullshit of crying the victim by blacks and minorities. Even recently there is a college who want a place where whitey can’t come. Only minorities. Another has a black dorm only area because they fear the white man lol. Then you have that racially charged BLM movement that hates white people. There have even been blacks applauding at the disappearing white race and it’s all fine and dandy. Not a peep how racist that is. About 5 years ago, nobody would have said a word. But with the amount that word “racist” gets tossed around today, it’s about time they get it shoved right back at them. And seeing you’re the fool who brought up “micro-triggers” you’re one of the problems why it’s came to this.

    • LabMassiv

      It’s clear by all 4 comments you’ve left on this post that you don’t know your own history, you don’t understand the issues covered in this film From Both Perspectives and you aren’t looking to learn, teach or grow through dialogue. That’s unfortunate because even if you were right you aren’t taking an approach that anyone will hear. Best of luck with comment number 5.

    • Adam Pickles

      That wasn’t a rebuttal of anything now was it lol. The film had only one perspective connected on both ends. The black victim on one and the white racists on the other. It’s a total hammering on racism within white liberal elites and some county cop. The total message. Whites = racists. Blacks = good/victims. Never heard that narrative before have we lol. You won’t ever find a movie allowed in Hollywood that exposes black racism toward white folks. You know it and I know it. It’s called a double standard.

    • LabMassiv

      Not every film can tackle every issue. You know it and I know it. Each director/writer sets out to tell one story. Sure we can complain about every story for what it is not (which is a lot of things, in every case) or we can look at the story and take it for what it is. Clearly this isn’t a film you liked, but if I took the approach you are taking here I’d hate every film for every other issue it never touched on.

      Lastly, if you feel that strongly about your view you should write/direct a story that speaks to what you believe. That’s what the people involved with this film did.

    • Adam Pickles

      I never once complained about the writer/director’s own take on his life. That’s his prerogative as an artist and one I’d never take away. It’s also why I enjoyed it and gave it an 8/10. It’s also why I despise forced diversity in movies. The evil white/black victim theme however remains the same and that’s the point. If I were to draft up a movie of the “white mans life among blacks”, it would never take. The double standard is more what I’m pissed off at anything, when it comes to films as well as the tiring never ending whining by the black man about how oppressed he is.

    • LabMassiv

      “never ending whining” for hundreds of years of oppression…. To me, at minimum, the whining should last just as long as, and be as loud as, the displacement and destruction the oppression was. That’s just me. But you’re here with “never ending whining”… over what? that your idea wouldn’t take because people don’t share your view. Yes that must be frustrating

    • Adam Pickles

      “”never ending whining” for hundreds of years of oppression.”

      lol yes, because the blacks today are hundreds of years old and lived through slavery.

      If they had any real issues to whine about, then sure. But they’re whining about things like “cultural appropriation” or boo hoo “stereotyping” which is to blame on their ratchet ghetto culture. There are good blacks out there who don’t think like this because they know they’re not victims unless they allow themselves to be.

      Here’s how blacks can get ahead if they really chose that pathway:

      1) Stop treating sex like a sport.
      2) Stop having kids while still in high-shool.
      3) Finish High School.
      4) Work hard.
      5) Choose better partners.
      6) Stop having 5 kids with 5 different mothers.
      7) Get rid of that gangster rap cancer that’s in their culture.
      8) Stop arguing with a cop who’s got a gun pointed at you.

    • LabMassiv

      Wow, I feel so sorry for you.
      Poor thing- In your mind you’ve got all the answers… and yet none of the self awareness, historical knowledge or general logic to realize you’ve got none of the answers.

      If you have further replies refer back to this comment.

      Best of luck to you, your lists and upcoming films.

    • Adam Pickles

      You must be either a black craving victim or a cuck who hates his own white skin. Have a nice day

    • the stoner guy

      whites have not woken up enough. if they have, then they would say ‘diversity’ must be abolished immediately. same with the the disgust i feel towards affirmative action because its racist to whites

    • the stoner guy

      its called virtue signaling points. blacks don’t actually have to accomplish anything remotely of quality, in hollywood but when a bunch of virtue signaling, degenerate, rich people say its wonderful, then their NOT RACIST! Yay , not racist! now if your not racist in your europe, then your probably already dead. Am I crystal clear enough?

    • the stoner guy

      Yea, we will live but we are disgusted by cusk like you. If you hate yourself so much, then jump off a bridge because people are ashamed to be around anti -white, self loathing, degenerates

  • John Smith

    How is being portrayed a drug dealer the same as being seen as a racist serial killer? Also basically she is saying two wrongs make a right.

  • Just more Anti White garbage, promoted by the Jews. If the Races of the people had been reversed, the Hollywood Jews would have never let it be made or released.

    • GreenhouseEffect

      Relax, clown, it’s just a movie.

    • Of course a Cuck, like yourself would love this film. Go chew on a foreskin Rabbi.

  • No Gods

    Stupid racist moron. Showcasing a comment that doesn’t dispute or defend claims of racism but merely says “deal with it”. So basically you’re admitting there’s an anti white agenda at play and you’re fine with it because… In the past other races have been victimized?? Did none of you go to elementary school? The place where you learn basics like treat others how you want to be treated, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, etc.

    Was this stuff ok when it was against black people? No. So how is it right now? Anybody who is ok with the demonization of any race for any reason is a racist, period. It’s like you forgot that one of the fundamental problems with racism is blaming tons of innocent people for the acts of a few. In this case, Millions upon millions of innocent white people who have never acted like the stupid characters in this movie. It’s why racism was determined to be bad long ago idiots. Keep pushing this anti white agenda and laughing at everybody who feels offense and calling them snowflakes. White people like myself who aren’t racist, and millions of others, are getting sick and tired of it. Congratulations on being part of the ongoing problem in this country.

  • daniel wiles

    “armchair critics” seriously? ALL critics sit in armchairs. It’s all just opinion. This movie might as well have ended with Peele walking up to the camera and raising a fist. There is not one white character in the film who isn’t portrayed as racist in some shape or form. That’s anti-white. According to Peele all whites are racist to blacks and blacks are still enslaved by white people inside their own bodies… Bold statement. If you excuse the pun, the treatment of race in this film is far too black and white.

  • Nigerianman

    There are bad psycho black people, and there are bad psycho white people. There are racist black people and there are racist white people. I’m black and do I believe white people are being attacked and called out, hell yes I do. Do I think some deeply ingrained racism and prejudice still exists torwards black people? Yes I do. I have also noticed that white people especially in recent times have been prejudiced against as well. Thing is though, segregation happened, slavery happened. It happened. How some white people feel now, which is attacked, is how we felt for centuries. Is it right? No. But it is understandable from a psychological standpoint. It’s not about equality. It never was or is. It’s about having the best chance of survival. That’s all racism is.

  • the stoner guy

    Maybe because this is BLATANTLY an Anti-White movie piece……like much of what’s displayed in Hollywood movies, these days. Lets make a Hollywood movie…..movie idea? Oh yea, lets blame Whitey for every single problem, to ever happen. The amount of interracial couple movies, with black men and white women, sends a very clear message. This is not organic. This is very clear propaganda and its SICKENING because of the extreme double standard. Its not right and this is the fruits of ‘multiculturalism’, or in other words, the reality of it is, WHITE GENOCIDE. Whites will become a minority, in much of their countries and if current demographic trends continue, then there simply will be no White people, in a few hundred years. This is GENOCIDE, under the UN’s textbook definition of GENOCIDE. Us, Whites will wake up soon and in Europe, they must go to war and things must happen relatively fast, in America, with in at least ten years and Europe within at least 20, or there will be no other chance to fix this, other then MASSIVE total war. You can get triggered and deluded all you want but I did the thorough research of demography and birth rates. This is all part of the lefts plan to absolutely DESTROY the west and so far, they have been doing pretty well.
    You don’t have to believe me. Do the research yourself and figure out I’m 100% correct. Make no mistake, White people are at war. And the Anti-whites even say this is ‘progress’ or whatever.NO, THIS IS GENOCIDE. And Genocide of any racial group is absolutely wrong. Its terrible and this must be changed but to tell you the truth, I don’t think nothing will change until war and Europe…..Europe has war on the horizon. No question about it. So pretend this isn’t happening or get proactive . Maybe make videos, become a White Nationalist and don’t listen to those evil leftists because they ARE THE REAL RACISTS.