Incredible Bongo Band - Sample This documentary (trailer)

What do ?uestlove, Kool Herc, RFK, Charles Manson and The Beatles have in common? Apparently, a record called “Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band. I’m not even sure how the ultimate b-boy break–the theme from a Hollywood Western combined with Afro-Caribbean percussion–could possibly connect all those cultural dots, but I think I am going to enjoy finding out ’cause this looks like a pretty amazing documentary. Watch below:

Incredible Bongo Band - Sample This documentary (trailer)

Kool Herc (Sample This Documentary still)

Incredible Bong Band - "Apache" (Sample This Documentary still)

Questlove speaks on the impact of "Apache" for the Sample This documentary


  • H.I.S.T.O.R.Y

  • greg

    cant wait to watch this looks amazing

  • Whoo elze

    Apache was by the Arawak All-Stars

    • from discogs.com:

      “Releases credited to the Arawak All Stars are bootleg releases of tracks by The Incredible Bongo Band
      Aliases: Apachie Band, Incredible Bongo Band, The”

      Arawak All-Stars is the credit on the 12″ I own and that version was doubtless spun by Herc and a lot of other DJs who made this break the instantly-recognizable classic it is (in fact I think that pinkish-orange 12″ spinning in the b-roll of the trailer is the Arawak All-Stars pressing) but that’s an alias for the Incredible Bongo Band.

  • Bo

    Why is the remix of hawaii 5.0 (at the end of the docu) by leon sylvers jr, not available anywhere?? Sounds great!