Anderson .Paak Details His Journey To The Top in New Interview With Flying Lotus

With confirmed collaborative work aheadInterview Magazine has published a new interview of Anderson .Paak, conducted by fellow boundary-pusher and LA-native, Flying Lotus. Throughout, .Paak reflects on his diligent hustle on the way to household name, crediting unflinching persistence and adaptability as his pillars. He goes on to discuss the origins of his band’s name, The Free Nationals,) recalling Moorish National history lessons learned as Shafiq Husayn‘s  go-to (read: couch-crashing, weed-rolling Robin) in the Sa-Ra Creative Partners days (still no word on Black Fuzz though, sorry guys.)

FlyLo reveals those very same discussions with Shafiq began the creative process that would eventually spawn his feature-length debut, Kuso, a film he claims was originally titled, you guessed it, The Free Nationals. The Brainfeeder chief is not shy with the praise here, either; he throws constant reminders that the struggles endured by .Paak in his decade-in-the-making breakout are universal to musicians, which makes .Paak’s tale less miraculous manifestation, more an ode to versatility and hunger. Hit the link below to read the full script of a candid interview between Anderson .Paak and Flying Lotus. Hold tight for their next transmission.

>>>Read Anderson .Paak’s full interview with Flying Lotus (via Interview Magazine)