Aloe Blacc x Exile = Emanon, live at the OKP x Soulection SXSW event

Watch Aloe Blacc x Exile Wreck Shop As Emanon Live At OKP x Soulection SXSW Event

Aloe Blacc Joins Old Partner Exile To Perform As Emanon During The Okayplayer x Soulection Showcase At SXSW 2014

Aloe Blacc recently reunited with longtime partner Exile to perform live onstage as Emanon during the Okayplayer x Soulection Showcase at SXSW 2014. Though Aloe Blacc has made a huge splash as a crooner with incredibly catchy melodies and a classic style, there was a time when he used to rip mics as a celebrated lyricist and one half of a hard-hitting underground hip-hop duo from the west coast. Aloe Blacc and Exile dusted off their beats and rhymes – a classic batch of certified heaters that sounded as fresh as ever – and proceeded to wreck shop, showing the up and comers how true crowd rockers get it done. Exile even put on a clinic for aspiring producers, with a freestyle session on the MPC full of ultra funky beats. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be amazed. Check the footage below to watch the exclusive recap of their performance at the Okayplayer x Soulection showcase at SXSW. Purchase Aloe Blacc’s Lift Your Spirit LP via iTunes. Grab the E&J LP from Exile’s Dag Savage via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from OKP TV.

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