Ali Shaheed Muhammad of ATribe Called Quest video interview

Ali Shaheed Muhammad Of A Tribe Called Quest Answers "The Questions" For OKP TV

Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest answers "The Questions"

Yes, it’s time for another A Tribe Called Quest edition of OKP TV !This time DJ and producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad steps up to the mic to answer “The Questions.” The Questions! With a brother as deep as Mr. Muhammad the questions we are dying to ask run in the vein of: Prince or Michael Jackson? Marvin Gaye or D’Angelo? Bumbershoot or Barclays? What’s your favorite hood movie from the 90s? Favorite soul sample? Favorite record to play out? How do you deal with twitter trolls? Will we ever get a Lucy Pearl reunion? Speaking of that, Did you ever try to hook up your sexy female bandmate with your boy Phife Dawg (who, we are given to understand, once had a crush on “Dawn from En Vogue“)? By the way, what’s going on with that super-secret concept album you and Adrian Younge are working on? Full disclosure: we only knew to ask about that one cause Younge played us a few joints (banging) in the Okayplayer offices right before the Holiday Jam  and to our knowledge Mr. Muhammad’s answer:

“He [Adrian Younge] and I got together for the Souls Of Mischief album he produced. It was supposed to be like one song for them and it turned into 13 songs for…? Adrian just said Dude, we should do something together with this stuff, so…we’re charting it out right now.”

…is the very first public mention of this exciting development! Good shit. Find out more and get the answers to all “The Questions” below:

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