Action Bronson's 'Fuck, That's Delicious!' Returns With a Love Letter To NYC Winters

By now you should all know that Action Bronson takes this culinary ambassador shit very seriously. Perhaps more seriously than the title requires. But it’s not in the man’s character to half-ass any of his endeavors, particularly when it comes to his greatest passions in life: weed and food. And it’s always a pleasure to see him indulge.

Cue: the return of his VICELAND program, Fuck, That’s DeliciousIn the first episode of the series’ new season, Bronsolino takes us on another tour of his hometown haunts, blazing across the five boroughs, high as hell and, of course, ready to sample an array of local delicacies in an ode to his stomping grounds. You can watch the latest installment of Action Bronson’s Fuck That’s Delicious down below. Stay tuned for the next episode.