Aaliyah x Drake - "Enough Said" (single art)

UPDATE: For all the Drake-haters (or just Aaliyah purists) the posthumous Aaliyah song has now hit the webs in a Drizzy-free edit. Compare, contrast and discuss below.

As promised Drake unleashed his new posthumous collaboration with dearly departed babygirl-to-the-world Aaliyah over the weekend. To coincide show true crew love for Toronto’s OVO fest, the audio was posted on the OVO blog yesterday, via the soundcloud of Aaliyah’s cousin Jomo Hankerson (the current face of Blackground records, having largely taken the reins from Aaliyah’s uncle and mentor Barry Hankerson). I’ll let you listen for y’allselves (below) but suffice to say that hearing babygirl’s voice again–bathed in otherworldy echo–is every bit as haunting and emotional as you’d expect. The production for my (not so young) money is right on point. Drake’s rap, by contrast, although it brings the track right into the pulse of 2012, is a bit jarring.  His bars about the price of his watch and ‘iffy b**ches’ are actually pretty in keeping with the “Enough Said” title/theme but just seem out of place considering the resonance Aaliyah’s voice has for so many and the impact of hearing it again for the first time.

I would like to note that I say this even though I’m on record as a Drake supporter (yes I am calling open season on myself in the comments/OKP boards. Bring it, Big Ghostfase). It appears some others might feel a certain type of way about the release as well, because the news had barely broke when Aaliyah’s longtime collaborator Timbaland expressed some dismay over the situation in an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. Read a partial quote below and listen to audio of the interview after the jump.

“If he does it, it should be with me and him and Missy…to put it on his record would not be right.”

props to OVO


  • JCrewedup

    Simply, Drake just seems so unnecessary here. I want a version without him ASAP.

    Love Aaliyah.

  • Melanie

    Here is the link for the solo version! 😉


    • JCrewedup

      Thank you! It’s SO much better without him.

  • yvvq

    im pissed

  • #nodrake

  • Barry da Villain

    Just have a problem with him on any record, let alone someone he doesn’t know. just chasing $

  • AM

    Drake is thirsty. These young rappers are always doing stuff without no regard to any other producer or artist that has worked with those who have past. They don’t pay homage and they are so disrespectful. I’m sick of Drake and the whole YMCMB and that drum beat that’s in every song he has. He is trying to stay relevant.

  • blazewon22

    Anyone who doesn’t think that Aaliyah’s estate didn’t ask him to jump on this track to help sell it to the teeny boppers who have no idea who she is must be high. She passed 11 years ago and was a mid-level talent at that time. No disrespect but she was more Kelly Rowland level than Beyonce. A whole generation has no clue so just like the Tupac collabo’s we see labels pair the tracks with new artists.

    If Timbo wanted to honor her, why hasn’t he put anything out for her over the last decade!


  • mee

    This just made me extremely happy…so good to hear her voice. Miss her. …sans Drake for me…and I’m no Drake hater.

  • Mezzzy2

    How dare wack ass drake attempt to get on a track with a beautiful timeless artist such as Aaliyah! His verse was horrible and didn’t even fit with the track. He needs to stick with his regular tracks that all sound the same for all those female 12 year old teeny boppers.

  • How bout a version featuring the Roots! Or jus brutha ?ion!