We've made it no secret how Fela crazed we are over here at OKP. In this clip, The Mighty Afro weighs in on the importance of the late Nigerian sensation. ?uesto goes in on when he first discovered Fela and how his influence is embedded in hip-hop culture (from X-Clan to Mos Def). Don't forget to check out those Fela Chop 'N Quench Re-Releases via Knitting Factory Records (check after the jump for a preview).


  • HmmInteresting

    I’ll have to check Fela out some more. We learn something everyday. Thanks Quest!

  • ThatGuy

    To this day, I wish I had the full record to Red Hot + Riot just BECAUSE of that version of “Water No Get Enemy.” MAN that track was a beast! Fela was awesome. We need more soul in our stuff like that stuff…

  • Jahi

    I’ve been listening to Fela since 1990 and it’s nice to see folks finally catching up. Didn’t know about The Leaders of the New School joint…Fresh

  • Sola.G

    To me Fela is a “god” on his own, and I don’t say this to offend anyone. His music speaks volumes about the corrupt regimes that ruled Nigeria. His music is food to the soul. I have been listening to his music since the 190s (I’m only 33). AfroBeat is like no other sound. To this day, I am happy that I was honored and privileged to see Fela perform at least on 3 occasions at the Lekki Beach yearly festival in Lagos, Nigeria in the early 90’s. This man was an orchestra leader the way he took control of his band (band is an understatement) as Fela had no less than 30-50 people on stage playing with him. A sight to behold indeed!

    I really got deeper into Fela’s music in my teenage years, even though I was already listening to him in my early years in the 80’s. In my teenage years is when I understood the message in his music as I related it to the political climate in Nigeria, and all over Africa at that time. Even till today, his music is still applicable to the many injustices around the world in different countries. Unfortunately, I was too young to visit The Shrine back then, but on a recent trip to Nigeria, I did and saw Femi Kuti (Fela’s son) perform. The Shrine is another experience on its own.

    We are lucky that his sons Femi and Seun carry on the legacy of their father’s music. For those of you who have not listened to Fela’s music, it is definitely a must!

    QuestLove, thanks for shining the light on the genius called Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

    Baba 70 for LIFE!!!

  • dnice123
  • I have some catching up to do.

    Amazing, truly truly amazing! You do learn something new everyday, I have some catching up to do. I’m a fan of The Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra but the true crown belongs to Fela hands down. QL, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the true musica.


  • from the motherland

    wow! it’s sooo cool that the hip-hop i listen to now is taking musical cues from fela! i’m only 24, so i grew up in the 90’s. with both of my parents coming from nigeria to america, fela was the music of choice. it was our connection as 1st gen americans to nigeria and what it was about! so to know that mos, quest, and hip-hop look at fela as a forerunner is great! his arrangements are so unique! and it doesn’t take long to catch that special afrobeat rhythm haha. unfortunately, nigeria is still much the same as it was back then, as it was in the 90’s and today…

  • Fanta Fatou

    Hey I remember being introduced to Fela Ransom-Kuti back in 1978 Lady was his most popular hit. I listen to him all the time I am actually feeling fortunate, because I found a 2 CD set “the best of Fela” in a Goodwills store I paid $5.00 for it that was 10 years ago glad I still have them.

  • frag

    the only fela i’ve heard the roots on is mr grammaticallogylisitationalism. the hi-hat on that is simpler compared to tony allen’s other stuff i’d like to see questo try 😀 only a challenge.

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  • writer anonymous

    i was born in america but both my parents are from nigeria and ive been back there like 4 times.

    its crazy how i see fela as an inspiration to my works, and evrybody out here does too. I didnt even kno this many pple knew bout him. my pops and i were sitting down the other day just talkin bout how the situation is bad in the nigeria, and its cause of the government. and we started talking bout fela, and my pops was tellin me how evrytime he came out with an album they wuld lock him up cause he told the truth and held no punches.

  • Olivierglynn

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