I've been waiting to see what this one would come out like for a minute. Today, U-N-I debuted their video for "Pulp Fiction Part 1" featuring Fashawn. This vid is dope as hell, and part 2 should be crazy. It's not too late to double back and download U-N-I's last effort, A Love Supreme. Video directed by Fredo Tovar / Schott Fleishman.



  • CBD!

    Good concept. Horrible quality.

  • ppuff711

    fucking great

  • adamc

    love it, this is a dope idea!

  • cali fornicaters

    this is great

  • cla

    UNI has convinced me that they stand out above the rest of the freshmen.

  • Tisk

    CBD…UR A HATER, word up

  • omni osi

    wow. great idea. good back and forth on the lyrics. I’m hooked like this is a series!



  • the zul

    UNI keep bringing that real stuff, folks are sleeping on these dudes.

  • EL3G

    Dope concept, but I didn’t need to see the storyboard in the video to get it. It could have been a little sharper direction wise. Good shit all around tho

  • Beat KNOCKA

    Yeah this was well thought out. Props to these brothas! Good shit…

  • Drew (lthought)

    Underground Hip Hop can prove that R Kelly had a concept going (kind of) with that im in the closet shit but these dudes actually execute it correctly. Not quite beautiful day but nice none the less.

  • yeeeaaahhh

    I love all their videos. Their music has range and they are great for Hip Hop

  • High Life

    this is a good song that would have been much better if U-N-I wasn’t once again trying to piggyback someone else’s success. First “A Love Supreme” now “Pulp Fiction” next one will use a famous book? U-N-I presents Moby Dick? This is just frustrating.

  • LOL @ High Life…

    This video and song are great. They are not piggybacking anyone’s success. They are of the few artists who can actually stand alone and have had success without a cosign. You sound like a bitter hater

  • I’m hooked like this is a series!GREAT SONG AS WELL AS SPECTACULAR STORY

  • Their music has range and they are great for Hip Hop

  • This vid is dope as hell, and part 2 should be crazy