You saw the behind-the-scenes clip yesterday, and today U-N-I's video for "Land of The Kings" premiered on MTVU. The Inglewood duo take it to Malibu the motherland for this tribal vid from their collabo with Green Label Sound. Video directed by Tomas.




    Nope. You cant bite. Sounds like an attempt to be Mr.J and MGMT

  • Dinco T

    The Same thing that I said in a previous post MGMT all the way damn.

  • samapai

    why ya’ll gotta be that way….so what it kinda sounds like an MGMT track…..
    U-N-I is still the ish and this song is amazing!

  • Free Defy

    Song & Video is original! The way the hook is sung is genius

  • iLLadelph259

    I worked on this video and the director is a friend… U-N-I are super nice dudes… I hope they blow up… catchy song

  • Jamal420

    wow I didnt know who MGMT was but I do now.. and BITING is bad for your health! period. i’m disappointed in these niggas. They prolly thought niggas wouldnt know since its another genre and from UK but – all i can say is wow.

  • Jamal420

    my bad not UK but NY – hahah still – STOP it

  • eazy

    yall act like MGMT invented psychedelic music or hippy fashion. its all recycled…
    this was really dope, and im not even a fan of UNI.

  • Kalo de 78

    is this song a joke?

  • Planetary1

    hmmm..it just doesn’t seem to go together right…I mean, I appreciate the idea but the execution isn’t right..its the rap parts, they don’t match, like they were thrown in as an afterthought…
    are those rappers not American? something is just off..