It's time to start visualizing exactly how The Roots got over. Here is the video for the title track off of The Roots' upcoming LP, How I Got Over. The BBGUN directed vid features Black Thought 'out in the streets' of a down trodden NY witnessing the ills of the city (cameos by ?uesto and Dice Raw). Get excited people, HIGO is coming soon.


  • rickysteves

    wow, the roots staying true and speaking up for the voiceless and forgotten. Not much of that in the game right now

  • mr merrick

    questo’s umbrella is sick

  • confused roots fan

    i love the roots, but this video is wack as fuck. no rims, no titties, too much black thought, not enough ben kenney, no cowbells, AND IT’S NOT EVEN IN PHILLY.

  • non-confused roots fan

    this video is slamming. excellent questlove. i love you.

  • aknoblach

    real nice video, can’t wait for the album

    you guys are the best

  • dapluva!

    outkast and The roots are the 2 best hiphop groups of alltime

  • Outstanding Standout

    Great Vid, and a great song.

    So is this going to be a real full album or just a couple of songs?

  • kidtruth

    great track, can’t wait for the album.

  • ikraam

    real video, showing real life, goes dope with the track.

  • Jahi

    nice mix on the music. timeless music right on time. Respect..Great song…

  • monroe solomon

    I need this album YESTERDAY!!!

  • Matt Middleton

    I love the Roots, but this video is wack….excited for HIGO.

  • GCF

    Soooo Hyped, Can’t wait for the new album.

  • omni osi

    love it!

    i’m digging the evolution of Thought (and Raw for that matter).
    their vocals go well with the band.

  • Teflonblack

    Definitely a dope video. Let’s all grow up together now! Song is timeless…

  • Joe Dirt

    Song and video are tight. But live version is better. Yall need to do another live album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dilladillabeatsbeats

    Yeah, why wasn’t this shot in Philly?

    Great song otherwise. No James Brown break on the studio version, but I guess that’s just another reason to see them live.

  • B_Dun

    Thought is sick on the mic…LEGENDARY STATUS!

  • Kalo de 78

    video is just average, really.

  • DeeTeeJay

    Nice video, fits the song well. And who the hell expects rims and titties in a Roots vid?! Seriously.

  • music Lova

    Currently my favorite Roots song. I much preferred the live version before but this video has really made me appreciate the studio version more.

    Awesome job with the video. Anyone who doesn’t like it probably has no appreciation/knowledge for cinematography, direction or storytelling. It shouldn’t matter that the video wasn’t shot in Philly, as the song reaches further. (Also, ?uest frequently says The Roots don’t get love in Philly in anyway.) Furthermore, The Roots tend to be spending more time in NY than Philly nowadays, so it probably made more sense to shoot there.

    GREAT song, gorgeous video… I’m very much looking forward to this album.

  • cre8ivejoe

    yea!!! HIGO gonna kill it..

  • real hip hop fan since 1998

    man, what’s with this stuff? i used to like the roots when they were dope. now there like a alternative band. too much singing. jay-z said “get back to rap, you t-pain-ing too much.” this song is like a little bit better black eyed peas song.


  • Hiphopadvocate

    first off they’re not Tpaining and two they were doing this before all that stuff went down. Have you forgot organix and then live performances ..thought can sing and flow as even shown in this video….so don’t knock an original especially if they were doing this before the Jay era kicked in. they’re no where near alternative……..Black eye peas yes…..Roots Hell no where near it.

  • SuperDopetastic

    too becky,please dont compare the roots to black eyed peas.The Roots always put out good music.This is still Hip-Hop in its proper form.dont know what else you want?T-paining?.this is far from that bullshit.

  • R3K

    lol becky…your name cracks me up. your whole post is an oxymoron

  • music Lova


    What about the Roots is no longer dope? Because the music still sounds tight as ever to me.

    Oh, you have a problem with the singing? Since when is singing, on a song, no less, a bad thing? Yeah, I know what Jay-Z said, but you KNOW he was not talking about Black Thought who, for the record is multi-talented and perfectly capable of holding down a hook with his own, unaltered singing voice.

    The Roots are left of center, yes. but that does not make them bad. By ANY means. They are STILL talented musicians crafting captivating, original, solid music. Black Thought is STILL an ill-lyricist and has simply blessed us with another one of his talents.

    It’s still on beat. It still has a relevant and important message. It is not auto-tuned. It does not try to be something it is not and it is STILL The Roots.

  • R.U.R.

    Congrats – Righteous video…

    Ma Salaam

  • STZA

    waaaay good!

  • Hip Hop fan since 1985…

    Becky you suck…

  • Mecca Soul

    Dope video, great concept, wish thought would have rhymed more on the song but its cool…can’t wait for the album!!!

  • Thats what I call Hip Hop

    Yo the video is dope and the Roots continue to bring that raw real hip to the table. I wish more emcees could be a socially conscious as black thought.

  • oladle

    Yo, Becky, are you out of your mind? There is not a single part of this record that is remotely T-Pain. Black Thought’s raw voice singing is no auto tune bull shit. This song far surpasses a Black Eyed Peas song as well. No offense to them, you’re just straight trippin on somethin Becky.

  • ph

    Really like this song. Don’t really care for the video though, except for a few nicely executed shots it dont leave that strong impression.

  • batabata

    I really like both “versions.” the “orignial” live version that premiered on Fallon was really upbeat funk. They channeled James Brown. I like the album version, but it could definitely use horns.


  • 9/10

    This song is dope. So is Black Thought’s singing, so is the video.

  • KD06

    Becky haven’t you heard that anything critical of the roots on this site is blasphemy? Let these cats tell it they can do no wrong. I don’t have the time or energy to be in this debate but let’s suffice it to say this song is average… More singing than rapping….

  • Kriswontwo

    dope video! now, all i want to know is if MALIK B or Rahzel did things on the new album???

  • Section

    I wasn’t a fan of Dice Raw’s singing on Rising Down but I must say he is killing the chorus on here. Just want to thank The Roots for continuing to make amazing music that hopefully this time will truly reach out to the world.

  • s.g.

    this is a great video, great concept

  • AJFresh

    Really feeling this joint! Makes look forward to it’s live performance, because it captures so much. Peace to growth and diversity.

  • lil eact side roller locc

    diz shyt iz whack. they not rappen no mo? bring back dem hardcore joints they wuz on befo. when i get outta prison i want somethin to ride on fools wit. i cant roll on busta locc ogs wit dis cuddle joint

  • jeremy taylor

    i like this. reminds me of the black eyed peas but with no lame white chicks.

  • janey’o’blaney

    why are the roots rapping about getting over?? why don’t they rap about how hard work will help them succeed?

  • YOOOOOOO–KENNY???!!?!?!?

    what’s up playboy? long time no see. how was prison? hit me up on the cell phone homey. or call darnell. let’s go get it money. running it blocka blocka style

  • knotyhead1

    black thought and dice raw another classic

  • keyzoflife

    makes me wanna pray for everyone!

  • yaya from south jersey

    yoooo… first of all, this song is great.. so what if black thought is singing, it sounds good… and not to mention that he killed the second verse… the instrumentation on this song is crazy, because its live and sounds perfect. the lyrics are hot, the hook is hot, the music is super hot. the video is dope and for those who don’t know bbguns work, their videos are crazy. And SOO WHAAAAAT that the video doesn’t take place in Philly, F*** Philly!!! i live a few minutes outside of philly, and philly radio is terrible and hardly ever support genius that is the ROOTS. New York has been showing them mad love, (i went to one of their jam sessions at the highline ballroom and it was crazy). and i went to a live taping of Jimmy Fallon just to see them and they’re doing their damn thing. I don’t hate philly, but the Roots music keeps getting better and better, while other Philly artist fall off the face of the earth following trends. ANyway.. this video is great and it’s probably my favorite single since the Seed 2.0… Peace !!!

  • KiNtaRo WeSt!!!!!!

    Damn…..Thought singing his ass off! Makes me wanna grab a mic! Bought to go play Game Theory to death while I wait for this to drop…keep it up!

  • barbara

    black thought can’t really sing. he’s ok, but ehhh. maybe if they had musiq sing the song; or d’angelo; or maxwell. black thought should just keep rapping about how dope he is and about philly. oh, and one female love song per album. KEEP IT REPETITIVE!!!!

    barbara whitman

  • theExperience

    people need to stop complaining and just go with the flow. would you rather the roots crew stop making music altogether?

    and you know what, good. let a philly act make it out in the world. we’re always so critical of every damn move, like the film not being shot in philly. just be proud a major act is facing the world, representing your city to the fullest.

    have some pride, stop bitchin, and sit back and enjoy the damn ride.

  • jermainebodie76

    There are always, ALWAYS, going to be those that have nothing nice to say. But we need those individuals to push us further and pass our boundaries. Thank G.O.D that The Roots don’t let the nay sayers stop them in the evolution of their craft. Keep making that Good SH!T, and eventually they give what is right right. Love

  • KingJovis

    I teach at an what the system calls an “inner-city, at-risk” High School. Most of my kids like the same old shit, bitches,guns, and drugs. How are you going to hate on song so damn near perfect in it’s observation of what is really going on…and maybe add a bit of hope. Look around. It’s time to evolve. That tired old gangster/hustle shit, while fine as entertainment if you dig it, is not helping these kids figure anything positive out. Investing in oneself, seeking allies,help build a sense of community (where unity starts), and working hard to do good work, and love…that’s what’s up. God Bless THE ROOTS!

  • yes,yes,yall

    Classic!!! Let the music play!

  • Grrr

    Nice vid. Shot really well.

  • David R.

    This seems quite…cliché? Not very groundbreaking at all…incongruent to Black Thought’s usual style (and not because of the singing). This is very generic…yes it’s conscious and not like stupid ish you normally hear on the radio nowadays and such…but it’s still very commercial. the lyrics are general and nondescript, and it almost sounds like BT sounds detached from what he’s saying. He’s expressed similar sentiments to this song much more profoundly on earlier tracks on earlier albums. I love the Roots and I highly encourage them to keep breaking barriers and changing their style, keeping things fresh, but this song is almost like a more musical version of Busta Rhymes “In The Ghetto”. Not a song I’d normally associate with The Roots. Hopefully some of the other songs on the album are less generic and more real, and Black Thought won’t have to look so hardcore and weather-beaten in the music video.

  • ppuff711

    i just got chills listening and watching the video.

  • yaya from south jersey

    this song and video are great, how is it generic? how? ……………

  • jdet

    How The Roots are Over

  • calehawkins

    aight so… i dig the concept and the lyrics but there’s not enough PUNCH to the song. ?uesto’s drums always have that punch to them and the way they’re mixed, it’s so light that the song lacks a drive to it. the snare doesn’t seem prominent enough and i think that’s what the song’s lacking. there’s not enough filler. heavier organ and the antibalas horns would have made it 10x doper too.

    hopefully the album’s a little more exciting – i dig the new artistic direction but this song just seems to lack energy for me.

  • daximus

    LUV this wait’n on the album goodmuzic-

  • Dre xxx

    Not as good as The Jimmy Fallon live performance. It sounds sort of neutered after hearing the live version. Why do they always do this?? Have slamming live versions and then the album version is watered down? I was so hyped after seeing Fallon and now this….

  • nje

    Sorry, doesn’t really do it for me.
    Doesn’t pack any punch and would not consider this one of the Roots best.
    Wouldn’t even consider this a solid b-side.
    Let’s hope and pray the album is better.

  • D@nte

    The drums and chorus are what make the song stand out. I would agree that it isn’t high on the list as far as Roots singles, or even songs, are concerned. But it’s a good track.

    And their live performances are almost always improvised, which is why it sounds so different.


    REEL TALK… Dopest direction of a Roots video ever. Next Movement, and What They Do were also very dope, but on a different level. This is the mature Roots… I dig it. Have been a Roots fan since 93, and as long as they stay true to themselves then it’s all good. Let’s remember that they are artist and they have a vision.


  • SHo

    Looks nice but but has no emotion or whatsoever. It doesn’t work for the song at all. I miss those groundbreaking Roots videos from 90’s. Too many yahoos shooting amazing artists for nickels and dimes. Music videos should tell stories. This attempts but failed.

  • Lucky33

    So this is coming out……. november 17th? right? I dropped the ball on this someone help me out.

  • don kwon

    First off, I haven’t seen this many comments in a while. Nice to see that The Roots evoke so much passion when they do something. But, I gotta say the video is definitely too monotone. The song, I’m conflicted.. its got a nice sound to it, but the lyrics/content sounds like so many other songs. I like that Black does the hook though. Eh, regardless.. I’ll catch a live Roots show over almost anything else any day.

  • F.Murray

    Music is more than just beats & rhymes-what’s most important is the message conveyed on this track. BTW…The Roots are a band ya know and they’ve been doing this for over 20 years. So, you either like it or you don’t. Peace 215

  • BajeFAnForever

    I have been a fan of the roots since inception….and I will continue to be forever! The video is dope and the direction is off the hook…Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!

  • fjhk

    when r u releasing album…

  • Ivringwashington

    awesome song, the bluesy keys are what really bring it home for me, but album was supposed to come out yesterday! Where is it???

  • Shaun P

    I agree wholeheartedly agree with King Jovis. The Roots always come from a place of artistic integrity with a sense of duty to teach and uplift. They are channeling PE in their prime, and ignoring the ignorant trends that’s pervading the musical airwaves.

  • the listener of sic!

    The band was funky, the lyrics were meaningful, and the vocals were soulful. This video was the definition of cool. Overall, the presentation is reminiscent of Edgar Winter’s “Dying to Live” and Stevie Wonder’s “Livin’ in the City.”

    To be blatantly honest, the Roots are of urban cities FINEST. This song is sick!1

  • ricky donald

    nah, this is lame.

    the roots: how long until it’s over

  • Sugar Nini

    The video for J. Cole’s song “Simba” is fire !!!!!! check it out by clicking the link below…..


  • geko bezerck

    Curtis Mayfield lives on. Sincerity is rare. Thank you Roots crew.

  • JayKay

    New hot shit from hiphops greatest innovaters! Props to The Legendary!!!

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  • Aton

    The Return of Music.

  • Awethentic

    The Roots!!!…need I say more?

  • intelligentRebelLion.org

    Beautiful!! Real spit!!
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  • Oskiew

    Anyone have ANY idea when this album is dropping? I’m salivating!

  • malik b.

    needs to be a reunion album.be home in 15 days inshaalah ta`ala

  • Hip Hop Fan Since 1942

    Hold up hold up Roots, yo man kick the rhymes you was just kickin a little while ago….

    I just hope Black Thought still gets hard and lyrical on this album.

  • Hood33Mia

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  • ezoconnor

    I almost with I hadn’t heard the live version on Jimmy Fallon. That was tight. Full of James Brown energy and funky horns. This version is cool, but….

  • SWANSONFern21

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  • pattap

    I’m still voting for the live version performed on Fallon to be used for the album!

  • Hip Hop Bred

    the roots is Hip Hop. Hip Hop is our Culture if we taint it with empty words it loses hope promise and confidence. preserve our lessons and learn from the roots. my child in the womb is listing to jazz and the roots do you want more cd j rawls nicolay little brother foreign exchange mos def talib our culture purifiers

  • sc7-Shawna Coffee

    This comment makes it OFFICAL

    Forever-Fam of The Roots (Cheerleader of all cheers)
    I’ve taken a change on life by choice And to see this video was such an awesome change for a group that has endured and still enduring…
    The video content versatile
    The lyrics humbled, lots of growth and well seasoned
    who wants hard all the time 2010
    (4 Petes sake The Roots is and has always been a band/Artist)
    who in the world is PETE
    Thought your singing proves to express all of your
    super energy =POWERS
    televison sitcome/commercials are next

    Quest that look… just confirms the old soul of wisdom you with hold

    Band with interchanging joy & pain your drive to create classic,motivating MUSZIC that is played in the homes of those of diffrent social,educational,and cultural backrounds defines HOW YOU GOT OVER
    (FANS-FAM CHANGE IS BETTER than GOOD it could be a GRAMMY)

  • grrr

    Great. Now release an album already.

  • grrr

    LOL, KD06. That’s the truth of it.

  • toro

    Muy Bueno !!

  • Sondra

    The Traffic Exchange That Pays


  • MoBay

    Thought singin like Cody Chestnutt…

  • Missy Madison

    i watched this when you first posted and finally the album is here (tomorrow) I’ve been waiting for this so long im phsyyyyched. Now that the album is about to drop, I wrote about this music video on my blog (undergroundhiphopmusic.net) so thanks for posting!!

  • rut


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  • Johnny Harpp

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