The far reaching span of Wu-Tang's fame is really something incredible when you look at where it all started. The other day, The RZA was a guest on The Colbert Report. Bobby Digital was there to break down the premise of his latest book, The Tao of Wu (go read the Wu-Tang Manual, if you haven't done so already). Of course Colbert tries to knock him off his game, but it leads to some funny dialogue. Watch Bobby drop some science on middle America, above. Watch footage from RZA's book signing after the jump.

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  • Mike Shousky

    Yo that is why Wu tang is forever! So much knowledge in five minutes. The Rza will always be my favorite producer

  • don kwon

    Fairly insightful, nothing too impressive but entertaining nonetheless. WU-TANG CLAN AIN’T NOTHING TO F*CK WIT!


    Colbert is a cock

  • love the Wu but….

    love the Wu but….

    RZA doesnt know shit and has no knowledge to drop. id rather see Meth/ Colbert interview. Meths the only adult out of the Wu

  • YeahhH

    As much as i love RZA’s music,
    he is one of the most pretentious people i have ever seen haha it is hilarious how smart he thinks he is though!

  • hieghtaz

    some RZA haters on here.