The premiere is almost upon us. This Sunday, May 2nd, Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks will be making its' return after a two year hiatus for more of that raw, edgy, animated humor. Above, get a sneak peak at the Obama-centric first episode, It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman. For more on Season 3, as well as personal commentary from McGruder regarding the state of the nation, politics, and pop culture, visit his "official unofficial site" BoondocksBootleg.com.


  • DJJJ

    Ha, Can’t wait…But more so than a new season of Boondock, I WANT THAT NEW ROOTS ALBUM……HOW I GOT OVER to drop.

  • Jericho Drumm

    “Hope is irrational.” LMAO!!! Huey is on top of it!!!

  • Marpessa



  • MCjurnee

    been needing more of that truth boy!! hope he also touches on what a lame system of control that twitter shit is…

  • T.z eye ..visual AWw test

    Sunday Nites yo…BOONING YOUR DOCKS….

  • Shyt break aka (let1loose)

    Uncle ruckus here hope you darkies payed your cable bill this month now all you have to do is go pay your rent a center bill and maybe their give you back that tv so you can watch the boondocks don’t trust them new niggras over there….lol don’t catch feelings people I’m a blackman..

  • 937andheartbreak

    I wish this wasn’t the last season. Our people need this.

    • Finding this post has answered my parerys