Yes, it's another SXSW video, but we get a brand new song with this one. This clip comes from Ruby Hornet's show (along with TSS and nah right), The Rumbler. Watch as Tanya Morgan and Blu perform "Morgan Blu," which will appear on TM's upcoming LP, Brooklynati (5/12).


  • nolo

    this song is sick

  • jdub83

    one question: When can I cop it?

  • okaypla?yerR.I.P.jdee

    i think this was before the dancing in the rain video, cause blu is wearing the same thing

  • STZA

    blu is THAT dude!

  • kr!$

    flow wit it

  • j easy

    omg.. blu is a monster. and TM is no joke

  • Daniel (Austin, TX)

    I was there. This was on Friday 3/20/09 and Tanya Morgan was on the right before Blu & Exile. I’ve been a huge Blu fan since of course Below the Heavens dropped! Tanya Morgan was pretty real groovy and really brought the energy. I talked to both Tanya Morgan and Blu after their shows and Trust me they’re all down to Earth! And if you haven’t been to SXSW you should go. When I was watching Tanya Morgan onstage I look behind me and there’s De La Soul. I go outside the club and spill onto 6th street and there’s Blu and Exile just chillin’. It’s one amazing atmosphere!!!

  • Ill from North Carolina

    Yo I-El bodied this shit….song is dope.

  • unvanished

    anyone know the sample for this song? thanks in advance.