I'ma need a late pass on this new content from Solillaquists of Sound, so we'll add as much content as possible to this post so we're all caught up. Here is their official video for "New Sheriff in Town" off of SOS's second album, No More Heroes (Anti-/Epitaph Records). This clip was shot in Orlando and directed by Carl "Video" Verna. After the jump you can watch group member DiViNCi perform his 3 MPC routine. The crew will be heading out to France for the next month, and you can check out their tour schedule after the jump as well (also check this out, some real interesting info about their unique new method of touring).

Mar 31, 2010 – Paris,  (FR) @ Chorus des hauts de Seine – Chorus 2010
Apr 01, 2010 – Poitiers,  (FR) @ Confort Moderne
Apr 02, 2010 – Marmande,  (FR) @ Hall Expo Digitick – festival Garorock
Apr 03, 2010 – Marseille,  (FR) @ Poste à Galène – Poste à Galène
Apr 04, 2010 – Lyon,  (FR) @ festival l'Original – festival l'Original
Apr 07, 2010 – Paris,  (FR) @ Centre Fleury Goutte D'Or
Apr 08, 2010 – Rennes,  (FR) @ UBU
Apr 09, 2010 – Angers,  (FR) @ Le Chabada
Apr 10, 2010 – La Roche sur Yon,  (FR) @ Fuzz'Yon
Apr 14, 2010 – Nancy,  (FR) @ le Hublot
Apr 15, 2010 – Montreuil,  (FR) @ Le Pêche Café
Apr 16, 2010 – Reims,  (FR) @ La Cartonnerie 
Apr 17, 2010 – Bourges,  (FR) @ Le Printemps de Bourges


  • Wreko1

    S.O.S been doing their thing for a minute now and they consistently get better and better every step. Love this joint! The verses are nasty, the beat is nasty, and Divinci on the MPC talkbox pushes it over the edge….Some of the best talent in FL hands down!!!

  • nobody anybody everybody

    Bulletproof literally brings me to goosebumps every time I hear it… that track just grips me. These guys are tight… production, lyrics, vocals… they are the real deal.

  • meganftw

    I’ve never been more proud of you guys :]
    You guys are killin’ it!

  • LeoFTW

    Simply amazing.

  • SoulTrip ChuckD

    S.O.S. has been a shining diamond in the rough of Florida for many years. Now it’s time for our great state to ROCK our BLING that is Solillaquists of Sound. Better put your shades on cause this shit’s gonna be bright!!!!

  • So long “local” band

    Not sure if we can call you our local Orlando band anymore… which is a great thing.

  • samk

    You guys are AWESOME! Good to see you again! Have a blast in France & see you up in Orlando!

  • Cloudy October

    damn damn damn. This makes me miss yall on stage. Alex damn Alex damn, that voice.

  • djdorrmat

    hells yeah, they’ve come a long way from when I was watchin’ em freestyle at bahtistava


    Ndeed. Ozone’s finest do it again.

  • Jesse Brede

    Was just listening to your album. Very cool video.

  • Chiller

    i just love your music. Keep making good music.

  • Prime Suspect

    Orlando Hip Hop pushing it to the next level

  • DJDescry

    SOS is one of my favorite groups of all time! I discovered their music in early 2000’s and the songs melted my brain. DiViNCi has definitely grown as a true soloist through the groups career and you definitely see the evidence of this in the videos. This IS Hip-Hop!

  • mcmnus

    SoS rules!

  • tatonka head

    Ya’ll should make it out to Germany!! Get on it!

  • m.rossi

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!

  • Treez247

    SoS bringing hip hop to new dimensions. OZONE BABY!!!

  • Diggins

    YES MAN!!

  • Marley “The Messenger” Montano

    Dope! Fresh! Off the chain!! By far my favorite hip-hop anomaly to emerge!! Read my review of the group & their video on my blog and get linked to more information regarding Solillaquists of Sound at http://www.themessengersblog.com

  • Shawn H

    Now THAT’S REAL HIP HOP!!! Awesome!!!

  • RedefineArts

    My favorite song off the album with an ill video to match. Ozone is def stepping out of the shadows!
    P.S. Divinci killed that Solo…good stuff.

  • swamburger

    hey mom, hey pops… im still reppin you, and i didn’t have to sell my soul for it. thank you and the extended fam for the support and love. shout out to my wife.. haha, you the shit!

  • Elizabeth Anne

    So proud to say I’ve known these wonderful people for the last 9 years, inspiring! This entire webpage reminds me that for all my favorite groups, an entire hometown was digging them years before others knew they of them. The same for Solillaquists, it’s As If We Existed NOW, considering they once were Heroes in the making… hmmmm… YouTube banned this video but Okayplayer pimps it – NICE – Gotta love VIMEO

  • Sparks

    wow. all three got two things in common: they’ve got skills for days… lol… and… bad haircuts… but well.. as i said…skills for days

  • ParadoxxHipHop



    ozone! big ups!

  • les.is.more

    Kickin’ ass and takin’ names! I love the song and the video!

  • X:144


  • daBeat

    I caught this group at SXSW. They were SO DOPE!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about them. There live show was sick but their new album has been on repeat since Austin. If you don’t know about them, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

  • TMAS74

    My favorite album of ’09 hands down. They definitely took it to another level from their first album (which is great too). Production is amazing.

  • Danny C

    Swam Burger that Verse you spit was crazy! I could Finally understand what you were saying! CRAZY DOPE CUZ!

  • Jorok

    I cant’ believe I missed this shoot…y’all know I love what you guys do…Can’t wait for you to get back from France and rock a show in the O again!!

  • STZA

    first emcee sounds like he’s been heavily into black thought a lot. sounds good, but not an own style.

  • The Littlest Emily

    SOS is the dopest, baddest, most wonderful and most AMAZING musical group EVER period in the history of time ever to exist ANYTIME ANYWHERE.
    I love you!!!

  • PheniBopper

    Yo That video just made my day! Thanks! I LOVE SOS!

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