Here's the world premiere of the latest video, "Marvel," from Orlando group Solillaquists of Sound. "'Marvel,' from SoS’s latest release No More Heroes (Anti-/Epitaph Records), is the first of a 3-part music video series shot by fellow Orlando MC/producer and first time director, X:144. This series of videos is set to mirror the group’s collection of three conceptually linked albums called ‘The Listener’s Trilogy.’ This first video, much like the first album of the trilogy, As If We Existed, introduces the story’s characters to the audience. The next video will follow the action-packed dynamic of No More Heroes. The story will unfold over the next couple of months with the release of the next two videos and provide a bridge to the final album of the trilogy." After the jump, you can check out two episodes of SoS's "Heroes in the Making" series for an intro to the group members as well as some insight on their project, The Listener's Trilogy.


  • Naja MT

    Been waiting to see this since X:144 told me about it!!! Finally!!! My mans n them killen it!!!

  • Mayday Plex

    Good shit fam… FLA ALL DAY!

  • Prime Suspect

    Dope song DOOOOPE Video… Awesome job X:144

  • Gamah

    This looks and sounds fantastic!! My hat is off to all y’all!!!

  • Swamburger

    Big X, the man.. thank you, thank you, thank you fam!!! The vid is hot. Oh yeah… cop the album people! One.

  • DJ Mole

    As always sollila puttin it down o-zone style, hip -hop is dead but these guys got the defibrillator!!

  • Swamburger

    JEFF MIKE (main character)= Your next favorite black actor on the planet!! hahah. GET EM!

  • Seblight

    Hello from France!
    Your video is just awesome, a real good work for a real good band!
    Thanks for your energy sharing!
    Hope all is well
    See you later

  • Red Eye of The Closers

    very dope …. support Orlando hip-hop!

  • Errol Windham

    Thats what I am talking about…Dope Video! Keep up the Good Work!

  • DJ BMF


  • You can find me in the O

    Lovin’ it SoS. Can’t wait for more!

  • S.K.I.P.

    great stuff. wonderful concept and storytelling, and of course amazingly executed. keep up the good work and i cant wait to see more!!!

  • Holla Black

    Wow, didn’t expect that < Good music

  • Falon

    YES!!! This video is so amazing guys!

  • dj dolo

    ahhh very slick, professional all around
    dope shit, homies

  • Mauikai

    Holding up the “O” from the States all the way to France !! Blaw ! Sh!t is ill 😉 Much love to Solilla & Mr. 144

  • Swamburger

    PUT FLA ON THE MAP NOW!!!!! oh yeah, and Orlando Magic is killin shit… give us the coverage we deserve.. ha!

  • The Littlest Emily

    geeze louis i dont know words big enough to express how superfantafabulouslywonderful this video is!

  • Incandescent

    this is why I keep coming back to check out what’s Okay…they always have the dopest, freshest MC’s in the game. Killer song, great vid

  • onry ozzborn

    this shit is great!!!!! theres not many in the same league as these superhumans… BONKERS.

  • X:144

    Big up to Okayplayer and all of y’all for supporting this movement. Ozone is putting a spotlight on the all of Florida’s dope artists. Thank you all again… SPREAD THE LINK AND BLAST IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. LET’S GET IT!

  • sean dammit

    it’s only a matter of time…stuff that’s this dope cannot be denied!

  • Sallyyy

    this video is EPIC. you guys make happy leak out of my tear ducts!!

  • beef_welli

    Hot! Something huge is about to happen. I can smell it.

  • Redefine Arts

    this gets a wow. I’m impressed X, and of course Solilla killed it like always.

  • Descreezy

    video was crazy, loved the concept. loved the song. DOPE




  • phraydoe peans

    this is why i say the HEART of hip hop live in Orlando.
    one love solilla

  • Maestro

    SOS!!! Keep pushing forward fam!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djsureshot


  • Swamburger

    don’t forget about J Kroas… gunman in the vid… respect!! Wasn’t that the same actor in the biggie movie??


    Well done, the visuals complemented the music, this is that next level schitt.

  • Megan Matchett

    You all never stop amazing me…Pure talent and creativity blend together so perfectly to make you guys my favorite artists forever! Thank you for all your inspiration..

  • SSPSoundz

    definitely good to see the city protrayed in a way that isn’t so mainstream. Orlando stand up !!! Dope vid !

  • Cloudy October

    watch out for that train Queen!!!

  • Cloudy October

    oh, by the way, Portland, Jacksonville, Seattle and of course Orlando/Ozone Hip Hop stand the fuck up. right now. bonkers.


    Great video all around- much respect!!! OZONE!

  • DJ SPS

    Very dope vid!!! Excellent job X:144. Solillaquists of Sound, always on point! big ups to “100 miles and runnin”, Jeff Mike.

  • SoulTrip ChuckD

    This is Orlando Music. This is Home…

  • AmIAm

    dis joint is crazy! crazy video! ANTI need to step they sh!t up n get them the shine they deserve!

  • sean dammit

    Look at J Kroas…all grown up and sh*t

  • AdrianD

    Wow! The video is really good! Go X:144, video pro! Cool vibe throughout it! Agree with Beef Well., something big is bout to happen…

  • Big Pennsy

    This is major to me because of the growth. Well done Vinci Von Solstein. Well done.
    Big Pennsy

  • conshus UJE!

    DOPE VIDEO!! shouts to Solilla & X!
    elevating OZONE levels!

    OUR show – WPRK 91.5fm – Orlando, FL – Sat. 5-7pm – http://itsOURshow.net

  • Von Clay aka C.O.

    Thats whats I’m talking about!!

  • Heir Jordan

    Would have never believed this was X:144’s first video. Dude’s got an eye for some dope visuals. Ridiculous effort over all.

  • DBJunglist

    Amazing Song and Video!

  • meganftw

    I’m so impressed by this. The song & video are both brilliant. LOVE!

  • Fish

    Wow. Just friggin’ wow. Ya’ll killed the track. X:144 killed the video. I’m so happy to know of talent like this in Orlando.

  • FireBreezy

    GET ‘EM!

  • Justinthecurrent

    SupaDope video, very well done Xmasteronethousandfortyfour!!!!! one love to all orlando peeps doin it up!!! one….~Just

  • Nyle

    this shit is crazy

  • jaysus

    Ah yes, the ‘ol “rap really fast so you can’t hear that I’m not rhyming” trick. Musically, I like this group. This rapper – meh. Also.. I spit out my fucking coffee when the EAGLE SCREAMED. I hope that shit was supposed to be a joke. Sounds like Stephen Colbert got a hold of this track.

  • sign one

    thats watsup!!! low budget to NO budget! unbelievable.

  • funkymystic

    Big up Solilla!! Been seein you guys come up, love it everytime! 1love

  • funkymystic

    man.. just listened to the whole new album, now the first one.. you guys are so rediculously talented and on point. truly makes my head shake my head in wonder drenched dopeness

  • cokanutz

    i love not only the music but the overall artistry. the video, the concept of the album, the artwork. seems like you guys put a lot into this. i appreciate that. it incpres me as an artist to push beyond boundaries

  • treez247

    We need more of this in Hip Hop


    WOW!!! Truly lovin every bit of this joint, AMAZING!!! ONE!!

  • Mahogany Dust

    Love your sound, your vibe, your unity. What you have is definitely missing in today’s music! Keep doing your thang and we WILL cross paths soon! Looking forward to it.

    Mahogany Dust