The latest (and last) video to be shot from Skillz' album The Million Dollar Backpack (in stores now). Skillz slows it down for the ladies with "For Real," directed by Rik Cordero.


  • Tha Architect

    Rik Cordero is what Hype Williams was in the 90’s. He’s putting that work in like crazy right now.

  • Matta Fact

    HA word some more VA shit! this joint gets mad play in the whip, wish the producer would have cleaned up that hiss in the hook part though, it stands out a little on the album, but really stands out on this video. All in all quite nice!


  • C-Boogie

    When I first bought this cd back in July, I knew this song had potential to be a big hit. I personally love the song and the whole vibe to it. On top of that, the video compliments it perfectly. Man, Koch should have really followed “So Far, So Good” up with this one in like late September/ early October. Anyway, the album is tight and gets much play from me. Great video Skillz…..Keep up the good work homie.

  • WritetimePoet

    Great video! One of the more stronger singles off the joint, though the whole album is tight.

  • mysterious lady

    Forget the song…who’s the guy that the girl dissed for Skillz? LOL

    He’s a cutie..

  • Islam 3

    Rik Cordero is one of the best directors out right now. Keep doing the thing brotha. And he isn’t sending masonic subliminal messages in his videos like many directors are doing now. True brotha

  • Remain Nameless

    wow, how old is this dude……

    Nowadays watching rap videos is hard… Mad Hard….

    Obamas look foolish!!!

  • Hip Hop Lover

    Dopeness! Skillz needs to be loved more!

  • Tasha Mack

    please remain nameless lets not start the b.s
    u really gonna start saying obamas and michelles…obamas must be foolish huh?