The summer sadly just ended so let’s enjoy one more feel good summertime type jam before it starts getting brick outside and everyone gets depressed. This new video from Skillz is called “Be Alright” featuring Kornbread and Aaries. The Million Dollar Backpack is in stores now, but you already knew that.



  • mangitis

    ice cube – today was a good day


    you know i love this

  • Something 2 Say

    I’m assumming that’s Richmond but either way I just started thinking about Virginia Beach, Yeah this is a nice summer anthem right here. Much respect to VA…MD reppin’ 4 ever though!!

  • Morgan=P

    This is wackk lls.

  • TJC from Vancity

    Nice Vid to compliment a nice track. That We run VA is awesome too

  • bigtwan

    Love skillz and how he rep for my home, VA. Seven cities stand up!!!

  • waltLiquor

    yeah that joint’s a groove..i’m down here in da A, but i recognize my hometown, rich city, VA!!
    some newport news tidewater in that piece too…
    2up/2down..u crumbz!!!

  • waltLiquor

    does remind me of today was a good day too


    did or does skillz write shit for will smith?

  • KM

    thats right Aaries!!
    Reppin Philly..

  • se.po

    the video is summersun funny bunny shit! bat da track is wack!!

  • kornbread

    it was a blessing to work wit skillz and aries mane! and im still hype bout this joint…diggy? By the way..Its me..kornbread

  • nike air jordan jumpman pro

    the video is summersun funny bunny shit! bat da track is wack!!

    October 06, 2008 – 03:28:22 PM