I was wondering what happened to this bio series. Today, Shaun Boothe  is back with his latest bio feature, this one highlighting Jimi Hendrix. Says Shaun of the delay: "I always have been the type of artist who prefers timeless to timely. So I will do my best to at least make sure that they’re worth the wait. Hip-Hop in 3D mixtape on its way."Once again Shaun does not disappoint with this latest vid – lisen and learn. Click here to catch up on his previous bios featuring James Brown, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, MLK Jr., and Barack Obama.


  • Be Mo

    Dang its about time! Was waiting for the next installment

  • Adamc

    I loved it!

  • Adamc

    seriously loved it. i never knew

  • Huh?!

    This is cool, but the next one is Diddy? WTF? How do you go from Ali, to MLK, to Hendrix to freaking Diddy?!?!

  • Michael Franco

    man this was dope, but he left out Band Of Gypsys. that was his dopest album

  • back pack music

    yea seriously, no band of gypsy’s??? still dope. dude had more swagger than any rapper out today. but we don’t talk about that, because we talk about his art…