Here's  a brand new video from Shaun Boothe, the dude who brought you those exceptional unauthorized biographies of Jimi Hendrix, MLK, Obama, Ali, and more. Shaun just dropped his vid for "Poor Boy," off his upcoming album, Hip-Hop in 3D. Video directed by Chris G.


  • Raw B

    ..This is weird. sampling might have finally gone too far?

  • dapluva!

    ill concept but he sound like 95% of the hipster rappers out but do u homie

  • Teckneek

    Y’all r NUTS this video is INSANE! And I don’t see how this is hipster rap at ALL. Where r the references to overpriced clothes/sneakers??? This shit is RAW!!

  • ChikeJ

    T-Dot represent!

  • STZA

    somehow i like it, though sampling queen is always a bit.. let’s say: strange 😀