Shaun Boothe takes a quick break from his bio series to drop off this new video "Music Man" featuring Amanda Diva. Lookout for Shaun's new project, Hip-Hop in 3D, coming soon. Video directed by Aaron A.


  • Delgodo

    “She’s all me, me, me. Like singer trying to find her key”. That’s too damn relatable and funny.


  • CriticalBEATdown

    Amanda voice is dope. Though homie S. Boothe gotta get it together. Video is half way decent. I can’t f*ckin deal with all of this mediocrity these days.

  • inquilab

    no disrespect to shaun boothe — the unauthorized bio series is dope — but amanda diva takes the steam here, looking forward to more of her work being out in the world.

  • ChikeJ

    My man Rikoshay is back? Cool, didn’t know about the name change. T-Dot represent!

  • dae

    I saw this guy open up for Atmosphere in Vancouver two days ago! He fuckin kiled it! Dope vid.

  • his new video “Music Man” is great.